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First family outing

With an active 3-year-old and an infant in tow, is no easy feat.

Hubby and I were feeling rather brave and capable, hence we decided to bring the children out on the Hari Raya Puasa holiday. Little man has been asking if we are going “shopping” every weekend, and truth to be told, I have so many things I want to buy, my shopping list is getting longer and longer.

So yesterday, we let little man sleep in till 9-ish (not us, as we barely really sleep ever since little pea arrived), had breakfast and started to get ready at 11am, thinking that we should be able to get out of the house for lunch. Then little pea had to poo. Then Hubby had to poo. So I ended up showering both boys by myself within the short span of half an hour (I never fail to amaze myself). When I was trying to get myself ready, little man started shouting for me. And so I ran out of the bathroom with just a towel, thinking that something has happened, only to find out that little man wanted my company in the living room because he was alone. Just then Hubby came out of the bathroom, hence I was finally able to shower in peace. Then little pea started to fuss, so Hubby fed him again. Then he regurgitated a big mouthful of milk and left us wondering if we should change him again.

The short 2 hours is so eventful that when we finally got out of the house at 1-ish, I felt like calling it quits and plonk my tired self onto the sofa. But I did not, so we pushed ourselves forward and finally reached Marina Square for lunch by 2pm.

After lunch, we went to Kiddy Palace and Mothercare to look for some items for the boys. Every time I start to look at the things to buy, little man will shout for me to come because “he wanted to show me something”. When Hubby finally got him out of my way, little pea started to fuss, and that’s when we realised he is hungry again. At one point, I felt a little light-headed with so many things going on, I’ve lost all my mood to shop. Then little man wanted to nap, so I took out the baby carrier and wear little pea. But he got so excited with all the children running around at the playground, he decided he was not tired after all. So I put little pea back in the stroller. After a while, he got so tired that he really needed his nap, I had to take out little pea again to wear him. Little pea became so frustrated with his disturbed sleep, he started fussing again.

At the end of the day, I told Hubby that although I am very proud of ourselves for keeping our cool and managing the children well for the entire day, I think I may need a long break from “shopping” before we attempt another day out. The lack of sleep definitely adds on to the weariness and lack of stamina as well. So for the time being, I shall just be contented with my online shopping.

Celebrating Father’s Day

This morning, we were walking towards the bus-stop and this is the conversation we had.

ME: 宝贝,今天是父亲节。我们带爸爸去吃好吃的午餐,好不好?你去问爸爸要吃什么。
(Today is Father’s Day. Let’s bring Daddy for a good meal ok?)

LM: 爸爸,Happy Father’s Day! 我们坐大巴士去吃小笼包,好不好?
(Papa, let’s go and eat Xiaolongbao ok?)

HB: 不好,爸爸不喜欢吃小笼包。
(No, Daddy does not like to eat Xiaolongbao.)

LM: 小笼包好吃,我们去吃小笼包,好不好?
(Xiaolongbao is very nice. Let’s go and eat Xiaolongbao ok?)

And so, we had a very fulfilling meal of Xiaolongbao at Ding Tai Fung.

Happy Father’s Day, dearie. I know our son loves you as much as he love his Xiaolongbao.

Hubby loves little man to the moon and back. Sometimes, he loves him more than he loves me. And that is quite alright with me. 🙂

Murphy’s Law

I have been away for so long, there is so much I wanted to put to words, but find myself wearily staring into blank space as I finally sit in front of the computer.

May has been a busy month, just like every other month. But May is different because of all the events that fall in due to examination. I find myself struggling a little between work, housework and spending quality time with little man and Hubby. Somehow, in-between such madness, we actually made the unplanned decision to travel to Taiwan to look for my sister who is undergoing an exchange programme with the local university. Eventually, it became a family trip with my parents and siblings.

It happened that one fine day, when my father was visiting and I had a good look at him, and realised how much he has aged. It dawned upon me that my parents are really getting older and I have to cherish every moment we have together. It has been such a long time since we travel as a family. Probably, it will be harder to do so after my brother set up his own family later this year.

I didn’t spend too much time planning for this trip. Instead, more time was spent in ensuring I had all the medication and necessities for little man. It is always more tiring to travel with a toddler. My only wish is for him to be well throughout the trip and enjoy it.

However, little man developed some major stomach discomfort when the plane was about to land in Taipei. He was crying away and his entire body was tensed up. I have never seen him like that before and it scared the hell out of me. The pain went off a few hours after. By then, little man was so happy to be reunited with my parents and siblings, he totally forgot about his pain. He went painless till the next evening when he sudden went pale and told me he has stomach-ache. I was very concerned because the area he showed me was right between his ribs, the very same area he expressed pain the night before. However, he became well again when we got back to our airbnb accommodation.

This went on and off until we came back. At one point, I was so worried, I had to bring him to see the local pediatrician. (Yes, again.) It seems that little man likes to plan visits to the local pediatrician when he travels. Anyway, he was diagnosed with indigestion (which I was not convinced) and given some medication to improve his bowel movements. The pediatrician seemed more concerned about his penis which seemed a little red at that time. (Something else for me to worry about, other than his persistent eczema.) He then commented that perhaps we should consider to circumcise him. So armed with the medication given and lots of prayers, we went ahead with the rest of our journey.

On the very evening when our plane started to land on Singapore, he cried in pain again. Hence, we brought him to see his pediatrician who diagnosed him with mild gastritis. She told us to bring him to KKH if the symptoms persist, which is why I immediately brought him to KKH this morning when he told me about his stomach-ache at the same area again.

Disappointingly, no tests were done to find out what exactly is wrong with him. It doesn’t help that my little man became extremely active and playful during the consultation. The doctor must have thought that I am one paranoid parent. We were sent home with some medication to ease the wind in his stomach.

One thing I have learnt out of this entire episode is that the travel insurance we bought actually covers all these doctors visitation. That is the only good thing that come out of all these, although I would very much not want to claim at all.

That day, in one of our late night chat, I asked Hubby if he thinks little man enjoy travelling at all. He said probably not. I felt a sense of sadness that instant. Little man definitely enjoyed being with his Gonggong, Popo, Jiujiu and Ahyi. But he would have enjoyed the same, if not more, in his comfort zone (not overseas). It got me thinking if we were right to insist on bringing him along for all our travels. This is something that Hubby has insisted on. He would not have his travelling without little man. If we are to travel, we have to do it as a family. As much as I understand his rationale, I wonder if it is the right thing to do.

I wonder if we are the only ones to face such dilemma.

Not much of a break

for me this March holidays, because little man has been staying at home almost the entire holidays.

After knowing that little man’s school has been having a HMFD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) outbreak since Monday, Hubby and I decided to keep him at home the entire week since I am available to care for him. Initially, we wondered if we were being overly anxious. However, after hearing from many fellow mummies that they would do so too, because HMFD is simply too nasty for the little ones to go through, I was more determined not to let him go school this period of time. It turned out to be a great decision, because the latest news I’ve gotten from the Principal is that there are three more suspected cases since Monday, all from his class.

Although I was not able to rest as much as I would like to, I was really happy to be able to spend more time with my little one who is becoming more and more vocal. I really enjoy our mini conversations throughout the day. Most of the days was spent eating good food and “socialising” and shopping with Popo (my mother). Yesterday, Hubby brought him to see the amazing dinosaurs made of balloons. And this morning, we spent quite a bit of time reading in the library.

I just can’t get enough of my little man. 🙂 It’s so addictive! (Though very tiring as well)

Amyway, remember how Hubby managed to put little man to sleep again? Well, it lasted for two days.

On the third day, little man declared to his Papa that he doesn’t want him to count to 100. When Hubby insisted, he started crying so badly for me. In the end, our little tyrant win this game and Mama is back to accompanying him to bed. Hopefully, Hubby can think of new strategies to counter this and we both can our nightly couple time earlier than later.

Loving Bishan Park

Whenever we have time and the weather permits, we love to go down to our Bishan Park for a walk before dinner, or to watch birds fly by, dogs interacting with one another and little children play.

Recently, we found this spot at the park further away from our usual path where we can get up close and personal with the fishes in the river. They are really big and very hungry. We bought a packet of fish foods and visit them very frequently these days.

Our Bishan Park 🙂 Proud to be staying in this neighbourhood.

Happy to be visiting the fishes again!

Mesmerised by the big fishes. My mother actually asked if these fish can be eaten, sounding really interested to taste them….

Feeding fishes with Daddy.

Little man loves to see how the fishes rush up to him and gobbled down the food. It excites me too to see swimming over with such enthusiasm. But I am really curious to know if it is alright for us to feed them. There aren’t any signs saying that we shouldn’t, and we can always see children and adults catching fishes by the river. Based on what we observe, it should be alright as long as we are not choking them with food not meant for them.

Perhaps we can visit the fishes some time when we are having our weekly activities at the park. 🙂

Singapore Kite Festival 2014

Have been wanting to bring little man to the Singapore Kite Festival for the longest time ever since he knows the term “kite”. We missed the last one due to his vaccination, hence we were glad that we are able to make it for the festival this time round.

The Kite Festival was organised by NTUC Income and ACT 3 International and held at The Promontory@Marina Bay. If I am not wrong, the past festivals were held at Marina Barrage. Although I have never been to the festivals held at Marina Barrage, I would think that holding the event at Marina Barrage is a better choice than The Promontory as there were not sufficient space for the public to fly their own kites as there are too many flags and trees around. Despite having our little kite, we could not find a good place to fly it. In the end, we just strolled along The Promontory.

The goodie bag.

Little man’s very first kite.

Truth to be told, I was a little disappointed by the scale of it. Hope that we will be able to attend a larger scale kite festival in the future, and fly our own kite together with many others.

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