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Habits of mind

It’s always such a joy to converse with little man. The way he put his thoughts to words never fails to amuse me. Sometimes the way he thinks amuse me as much.

Just like today, we were preparing to bathe and go to bed when he suddenly declared that he needed to poo.

Me: 快!爸爸陪你去厕所。(Quick! Daddy will accompany to the toilet.)
LM: 我不要。我要妈妈。(No, I want Mama.)
Me: 乖,妈妈要帮弟弟冲凉,爸爸陪你好不好。(Be good. Mama is going to shower Didi now. Daddy will accompany you alright?)
LM: 不好。爸爸陪我,我大不出便来。妈妈陪我,我的大便才会出来。
(No, my poo will not come out if Daddy accompany me. It will only come out if Mama is with me.)
Me: …….

Later in the evening, I was about to put him to bed after reading bedtime stories together. I told him about our plans for Saturday, that I will bring him to his Speech and Drama class instead of his father.

LM: 我们上完课后,去 Uniqlo 好不好?(Let’s go to Uniqlo after class alright?)
Me: 为什么要去 Uniqlo? (Why do you want to go to Uniqlo?)
LM: 我要买衣服嘛。 (Because I want to buy clothes.)
Me: 你已经很多衣服了。你的衣服比妈妈的还要多。 (But you already have a lot of clothes. You have more clothes than me.)
LM: 可是我的衣服都不是很好看,我要买很好看的衣服嘛。
(But all my clothes are not really nice. I want to buy some really nice clothes.)
Me: ……

I think my little man has developed a very logical and sound sense of reasoning. Sometimes the way he tried to talk/argue his way through left us speechless. But I do not feel that it is necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I do not need absolute obedience from him. Instead of saying “you have to listen to me because I am your mother”, I prefer to explain to him my point of view and discuss with him while guiding him. By teaching him that way, I hope that certain values are internalised rather than forced upon. I hope that he will develop the habit of thinking through his thoughts before putting them to actions.

Thinking about thinking.

Habits of mind.

How apt.

Time to go through the “Habits of Mind” book I bought for him ages ago.

To my little man

Do you know how much Mama love you?

You answered yes.

Yet I wonder if you really do.

There are so many times Mama wants to just hold you tight and never let go, especially now when your baby brother gets to cling to Mama, and you only get to watch on.

Mama tries. Mama tries very hard to make sure you are never left out. If Mama has to breastfeed you baby brother with one hand, my other free hand belong to you as long as you are willing.

You have been such a good boy, such a loving brother, although sometimes I can see doubts and insecurity in your eyes.

Just now you ask me out of the sudden, if I like you. It just broke my heart into a million pieces to hear that question. I do not only like you my baby boy, Mama loves you more than I love myself.

Mama really enjoys having time alone with you, running errands, doing grocery shopping and bringing you to the doctor. I am happy to see you enjoying simple things like that. That day when we were alone, you asked me if I am happy. Yes, my darling. Seeing you so satisfied and smiley makes me day, even though Mama feels so tired.

Mama is sorry that I have to push you away when you try to get close to Didi these days. Mama tried to explain to you that you are sick and must refrain from passing the virus to Didi. If Didi is sick now, given his young age and the strength of your virus, he may need to be hospitalised. That is the last thing Mama wants. I know it hurts you when I tried to get Didi away from you. It hurts Mama a lot too. But this is something that must be done, lest Didi gets sick.

I love you, my not-so-small-anymore baby. And I will try my best to let you know that every day.

Language of love

We were having dinner.

Hubby and little man had a bowl of Wanton noodles each. Ever since my pregnancy, I was not able to eat much in the evening. Hence, I told Hubby not to buy for me, I will just eat whatever little man left over.

Little man loves his eggs, so each bowl of noodles came with a braised egg each. He was delighted to see an egg for dinner and requested to eat the entire egg. I obliged.

Hubby saw that and gave his egg to me. Little man asked why. Hubby told little man because I do not have any egg to eat. Upon hearing that, little man scooped up a quarter of his egg without a second thought and wanted to feed me. That instant, I was very touched by his gesture.

I realised that children learn to love, by observing the adults closest to them. Little man was learning from his Papa, how to love his Mama.

This realisation is important. We must constantly remind ourselves to watch our language and behaviours in front of the little ones. We may not realise it, but eventually, one day, we will see ourselves in them.

Bedtime conversations – Speechless moments

I started the routine of telling bedtime stories to little man after the lights are off. I find them extremely useful to reinforce good behaviours and habits and explain certain things to him, that perhaps when it happened in the day, he was too cranky and caught up in his emotions to listen to me.

Sometimes, I simply tell him stories I have read before and I think he will show interest in.

This evening, after telling a couple of stories about his favourite dinosaur character made up by yours truly, I proceeded to tell him the story of <武松打虎> (Wu Song beats the tiger) to end for the night. When the story ended, he became so quiet that I thought he has fallen asleep. When I was about to get myself out of his squeezy little bed, he turned around and asked me,“妈妈,老虎为什么要打死武松呢?” (Mama, why does the tiger want to kill Wu Song?).

In the end, I had to re-tell the story again to explain to him that it was Wu Song who killed the tiger, not the other way round.


I have always prayed for little man while accompanying him to sleep. Sometimes, when he hear me whispering, he will ask me what I am doing. I will tell him that I am praying for him. These days, little man will often ask me to pray to end for the night. This evening, he asked again. And I prayed with him.

At the end of our prayers, I said “Amen”. Little man turned around and asked me, what is “Amen”. I simply told him, this is how Mama prays for him.

Little man once again stayed very quiet for awhile, and then turned to ask me again, “Then, Mummy, what is Ironman?”

Bedtime conversation

It has been a while since we weaned little man off his pacifier.

We did not apply medicated oil on his pacifier as advised by many well-meaning elders as we were not too comfortable with letting him consume something that is not considered edible. Instead, I cut off his rather broken pacifier one day, and told him that it was completely torn because he has been very rough with his chewing. He was really upset but agreed to stop crying after I promised to “look for a new pacifier”. I told him that his kind of pacifier is not selling in many stores anymore.

He bought my story but was very adamant in keeping what’s left of the remaining pacifier. And he continues to chew the remaining small portion of the pacifier before bedtime, like it’s never broken.

Today, I decided to put an end to this unhealthy relationship once and for all. I cut off the remaining “chewable” portion of the pacifier before his bedtime. When he realised that he is unable to chew anymore, he asked me why. I told him that he must have chewed off the remaining portion, and chided him gently about being too rough with his pacifier. And just like before, I promised him that I would go and look for a new pacifier, although I kept him prepared that many stores are no longer selling such pacifiers. And I was truly amused by what he told me.

“妈妈,我明天穿 Batman 的衣服跟你一起去找奶嘴。我们飞去找奶嘴,叫 auntie 给我们奶嘴。”

The long weekend of Batman series playing on Channel 5 must have left such a deep impression on him, that he thought being a batman will give him a higher probability of getting a new pacifier.

My cutie pie. 😀

Darndest conversations @33 months old

Little man has been quite a talker these days, both in Mandarin and English. At times, when we least expected, he says the darndest thing that leave us speechless.

This afternoon, when we were at the TCM center waiting to get our prescriptions, little man became rather impatient. He was like a broken radio, constantly asking me where his pacifier is, in BOTH LANGUAGES. I kept telling him that it is at home and we will have to wait for the medicine before we can go home. Suddenly, he turned to me and said in all seriousness, “我们家里有药了,不用再拿药了。” (We have medicine at home, we do not need to take more medicine.) Seeing that I wanted to say something in reply, he quickly continued, “我们家里一点点药,但是已经可以了。” (Although we only have some medicine at home, but it is enough for us.)

I was really amused by what he said. I think he has went on to a new level in his communication skills.

Later in the night, in an attempt to get him to sleep, I pretended to fall asleep. Instead of going to sleep, he came very near me to see if I was really sleeping. And down came his hard forehead onto my nose.

I started to cry in pain. Well, it was really painful, but I was also curious to see how he will react to my cries.

He was really shocked and stood still for a while. After that he came over to pat me and tell me, “妈妈,不要担心。我在这里。我帮你。” (Mama, don’t worry. I am here. I will help you.) And then he opened the door, dash out shouting for Hubby. From his bedroom, I heard him telling his father in a calm but anxious voice,”爸爸,快点过来!妈妈撞到鼻子了。” (Papa, come here quickly! Mama hit her nose.)

Hubby was telling him to wait because he was still in the shower. Then little man dashed back to his bedroom and came over to comfort me again. He decided that he had to do something useful as I was still “crying”, so he went over and pulled out a handful of tissues and came over to wipe my face, asking me to not to cry.

At this moment, Hubby stood at the bedroom doorway, with only his shorts. Little man saw him and told him, “爸爸,快点去穿衣服!” (Papa, quickly put on your clothes!)

I wanted to write all these down before I go to bed tonight, even though I am feeling under the weather, dizzy and weary. There were so many moments of his that I wanted to record down, but I wasn’t able to because I was struggling to keep up with home, kid and work. But you know what, such moments are so precious, and they might never come back again once they grow up.

I was watching the beginning of this documentary that talks about little children who unfortunately are not born healthy. I couldn’t bear to continue 10 minutes into the show. And I could not stop tearing. God bless those little ones who are suffering.

And I thank God, for my healthy little boy, who may have health issues every now and then, but always under the watch of his angels and Heavenly Father.

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