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Language progress @2 year-old

Little man is getting more and more eloquent in his daily Mandarin conversations. He is able to express himself using complex sentence structures, conjunctions and simple idioms,成语.

I wanted to put these to record so that I will constantly be reminded that our efforts to speak properly to him will never go to waste.

There was once he threw his toys all over the living room. I came out and exclaimed,“发生什么事了?” (What happened?) He then sheepishly told me that,“我把玩具弄得乱七八糟。” (I created a mess.)

When he needed me to wipe his sweat, he will come to me and say,“我玩得满头大汗。” (I am very sweaty.)

When he find the sun too glaring for his liking, he will tell me,“妈妈,很晒。我要遮住眼睛。” (I need to cover my eyes.)

That day when we were in a cab on our way to see the doctor, he saw the driver driving really fast and almost hit the lorry in front. He started saying very loudly,“妈妈,uncle 驾车驾得很快,撞到罗厘了。” (Uncle is driving very fast, he almost hit the lorry.) I was so amused and actually secretly hoped that the driver hears him.

Just yesterday, he was telling me,“月亮在哪里呢?月亮被云遮住了,所有看不到月亮。” (Where is the moon? It is covered by the clouds, that is why we cannot see it.). Later that day, he saw me taking off my cardigan. He told me,“妈妈,不要着凉了。” (Mama, don’t catch a cold.)

Some other examples of the sentences he said,“我要先去洗手,才去看电视。” (I will wash my hand before watching the television.), “我先去冲凉,然后睡觉。” (I will bathe before I sleep.), “绿灯可以走,红灯不可以走。” (We can walk when it is green lights, we cannot walk when it is red.)

Recently, little man has also progressed from the “whats” to the “whys”. It is so funny seeing him ask questions in a serious and troubled expression. He seems to be really concern about these questions.

One night, he was still playing in the dark when he is supposed to be sleeping. I became frustrated as I need to wake up very early the next day for work, and I needed to sleep. I stood up and told him, “快闭上眼睛睡觉。” “为什么呢?” “因为已经很迟了。每个人都睡觉了。” “为什么他们要睡觉呢?我不要睡觉。” (Quickly go to sleep. Why? Because it is already very late, everyone is sleeping. Why do they want to sleep? I don’t want to sleep.)

These days, he was having a rather bad running and blocked nose. It became rather difficult for him to sleep. He tried to sleep for a while but gave up in the end, getting up from his bed and asked me,“妈妈,我为什么不可以呼吸?” (Why can’t I breathe?)

When Hubby saw that little man spat out all the vegetables, he commented,“改天不要让他吃菜,吃饭就好了。”. (Next time just let him eat rice without the vegetables.) He frowned, looked at his father and asked,“爸爸,为什么我不可以吃菜呢?” (Why can’t I eat vegetables?)

When Hubby refused to let him go down a floor to see the water fountain, he retorted,“为什么不可以下去看水?” (Why can’t I see the water fountain?), and when Hubby wanted him to take out his new pacifier, he came to me and complained,“妈妈,为什么爸爸说不可以吃这个奶嘴?” (Why Papa do not allow me to have the pacifier?)

Hubby sometimes was exasperated by his questions, he told him, “Because I say so.” I tried to let Hubby understand that we should explain things to him patiently instead of brushing his questions off like that. It is good that he asks things that he do not understand or do not agree with. It gives us the opportunity to teach and shape his young mind the right way.

Meanwhile, his “whats” are becoming more sophisticated as well. Instead of asking me what that thing is, he asked me for the English-Mandarin translation of things.

A huge lizard (I believe it is an iguana.) jumped out in front of us as we were on our way home. Little man was intrigued by the reptile and asked me what it is. I told him the Chinese term for it. After pondering for a while, little man turned to me and asked again,“妈妈,蜥蜴是什么?”. It took me a while to realised that he was asking me for the English word for the reptile, and it surprised me to know that he is actually interested to know how to name the reptile in both languages.

Speaking of English, I would say little man has improved quite a bit. At least, he is now able to speak properly sometimes in the language. Just now, when he switched on the television and saw The Ellen DeGeneres Show coming on, he shouted very loudly to get my attention, “Mama! Do you see Ellen?”

He also started learning to speak the words of his favourite cartoon characters from Ice Age. He would come and tell me, “Rule number one, always listen to Buck!”

That day, we met the father of his schoolmate, Gweneth at the park. The father told us how his daughter was upset because she was scolded by the teacher for hitting little man. His daughter told him that little man is her good friend. The father then asked little man, “Is Gweneth your good friend?” Little man started replying, “@#$%^&@#$%^&*… best friend is Rueben!”

Hm… okay, that can be considered as progress too right? 😉

Like a boss @ 2 year old

Not much of a break

for me this March holidays, because little man has been staying at home almost the entire holidays.

After knowing that little man’s school has been having a HMFD (Hand Foot Mouth Disease) outbreak since Monday, Hubby and I decided to keep him at home the entire week since I am available to care for him. Initially, we wondered if we were being overly anxious. However, after hearing from many fellow mummies that they would do so too, because HMFD is simply too nasty for the little ones to go through, I was more determined not to let him go school this period of time. It turned out to be a great decision, because the latest news I’ve gotten from the Principal is that there are three more suspected cases since Monday, all from his class.

Although I was not able to rest as much as I would like to, I was really happy to be able to spend more time with my little one who is becoming more and more vocal. I really enjoy our mini conversations throughout the day. Most of the days was spent eating good food and “socialising” and shopping with Popo (my mother). Yesterday, Hubby brought him to see the amazing dinosaurs made of balloons. And this morning, we spent quite a bit of time reading in the library.

I just can’t get enough of my little man. 🙂 It’s so addictive! (Though very tiring as well)

Amyway, remember how Hubby managed to put little man to sleep again? Well, it lasted for two days.

On the third day, little man declared to his Papa that he doesn’t want him to count to 100. When Hubby insisted, he started crying so badly for me. In the end, our little tyrant win this game and Mama is back to accompanying him to bed. Hopefully, Hubby can think of new strategies to counter this and we both can our nightly couple time earlier than later.

My patriotic little man

Little man’s very first Singapore National Day Parade left such a deep impression on him that he has been listening and singing these Singapore National Day songs ever since then. It is so entertaining to watch him sing and dance to these songs that I have been trying to video them down but to avail. He is becoming more and more camera-shy that it is so hard to take a proper video (and photo) of him these days.

He recently developed a love for our Singapore National Anthem. He will wake up every morning in time (9am) to watch the MV of our National Anthem on OKTO channel and somehow is now able to sing the entire National Anthem.

Below are a few videos of him singing the anthem.

“Majulah Singapura” original version

“Majulah Singapura” rap version

I am a proud Mama. 😉

Baby facts

You know your baby is all grown up when he

    • requests to watch animal documentaries instead of Barney.
    • corrects your wrong singing of his nursery rhymes.
    • brings you a fresh trash bag when he saw that you have just thrown away a full one.
    • asks you to leave his room because he is ready to go to bed.
    • takes a piece of tissue paper and attempts to wipe your tears and clear your blocked nose when you pretend to cry.
    • tells you “海鸥” when you mention “seagull”.

And more often than not, wants to be a “baby” all over again.


I am a big boy now?

No longer a baby

My little baby is growing up too fast. He is becoming more and more of a charismatic little man each day. I am so in love with him.

That day, we hitched a ride from Mummy F, who kindly offered to drive us home. After getting out of the car, I suddenly realised I left little man’s cap in the car. I put little man down at the walkway, told him to stay put and wait for me, and then ran after the car. Luckily Mummy F saw me and I managed to retrieve his cap. As I walked back, I realised how dangerous it was to just leave little man there. Little man stayed put as I ordered. He looked really concerned when I got back. I felt so bad that I kept apologising to him. And it dawned upon me, what a mature boy he has become given his young age.

Sometimes, when little man is with my sister, he would forget about my existence. My sister and brother are his best friends as of now. I would sometimes pretend to be really upset and cry. He will then come to me and tell me gently, “妈妈,不要哭。” (Mummy, please don’t cry.) He will be really frustrated and upset if he is not able to make me stop crying. The way he tried to comfort me is so adorable and touching. I eventually realised that he learnt it from the way I comforted him when he was crying.

There was one time I did something not to his preference without realising it. He looked at me with teary eyes, suddenly took in a deep breath and uttered,“泓昊,不要哭。” , telling himself not to cry. He dried his tears with his chubby little hand and continued playing with me.

I have always been calling little man 宝贝 (darling) since he was a baby. That day when we were playing some puzzles together, I accidentally put a piece wrongly, and little man said to me, “放错了,宝贝。” I had to kiss and hug him so hard after hearing him say that to me. My little baby is calling me back his 宝贝. Hubby doesn’t even say that to me!

And he recently learnt to use an iphone to take photos. He would hold the iphone horizontally in a professional manner and tell us, “Say cheese.” After we posed for him, he will say, “Okay.” Again, in a very professional manner, without looking at us, just solemnly looking at the product of his photography. It is so amusing.

My little baby… my little man… why are you so adorable?

My heart is so full of love for you, I wonder if I would be able to love your sibling as much as I love you.

Little man taking a selfie.

Little man of many words (sometimes gibberish)

Little man is now at a phase where he wants to talk and communicate with us. Sometimes, he simply talk gibberish but with plenty of emotions and facial expression, it’s so cute to watch him.

These days, he would request for me to put down whatever I am doing (most of time when I am in the kitchen) and accompany me. He would come and hug my legs and say, “妈妈,陪。” It’s hard to reject him when he is saying it so sweetly, but very often I would ask him to wait and explain to him that I am cooking his meals. I think it is important to teach him the virtue of patience, hence I try hard not to give in to his every request immediately especially when I am in the midst of doing something.

Yesterday, when I was in the middle of texting someone, little man came to me and say,”妈妈,手机,放下。陪泓昊。” I was so surprised to hear this whole string of words from him, I had to put down my mobile phone and give him a tight hug.

This evening, my mother called to say that she will be coming over with some food for little man. I told him,”婆婆买了鱼和肉给泓昊,等一下婆婆来了,要跟婆婆说谢谢,知道吗?” Shortly after, little man came to me and say,”婆婆来,买,鱼,肉,泓昊,谢谢。”

I think it is a strong sign of little man’s readiness to learn to say a proper sentence. Hence these days I have been speaking to him in a slower pace, repeating in both English and Chinese. I will also repeat the nouns or important words of that particular sentence twice in both languages. So far, he has been very receptive towards both languages, although he tends to reply in Mandarin.

Ideally, I would like to have more people speak to him in the way that I have. This is especially so for Hubby. But I also understand that after a long day at work, Hubby really don’t have much energy left to be as particular as me when communicating with little man. But we will all try. Right, Laogong?

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