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Waterplay at Singapore Sports Hub

I was so excited when Singapore Sports Hub was officially opened as I read from the papers that there will be a waterplay area on the rooftop for both children and adults. However, the area was cordoned off when we went over for the first time, as construction was still in progress.

Recently, a mummy friend told us that it was opened for play, hence we went together with our little toddlers to see what’s in store for waterplay.

These photos only show a portion of the waterplay, mainly for children. The other part for adults is still working in progress.

It looked really fun, except that the morning sun is so strong that all of us ended up hiding at this small area where there is shade.

We will definitely go there again, perhaps later in the evening when the sun is not as strong. Their website suggested some really fun waterplay coming up. We can’t wait!

Boys and girls

Mummy Adeline is very kind to host us today at her place for a casual playdate. (“Casual” = Just for play. No planning of lessons.) The mummies had fun chatting, while the little children learnt to play with each other without tearing anyone’s hair out.

It was so entertaining to see how the little ones interact with one another.

Little Jared was constantly looking for Mama and only wanting to play with Mama. After little Noah warmed up to little Jared, he started “trying” to play with little Jared. “Trying” because little Jared at times rejected him and tried to push him away. Mama saw that and made little Jared apologise to little Noah. Then they do a quick awkward hug, and try to play together again. When the two boys decided to play with each other, they are usually up to no good. They will start to jump around, do dangerous stunts, and run in and out of the kitchen. Little Faith saw that and went into the kitchen with them. She then came out and started “complaining” to me about the naughty things the boys were doing in the kitchen in her baby language. The funny thing is, when the boys played with the girls, they were so much gentler and careful. I can see little Jared become more giving when dealing with the girls. Little Belle was looking for something to play with. She saw little Noah with his racket and ball, and suddenly decided to “cry” to get the attention of her mummy to get the toys she wanted. Little Kaylea is the little observer. She doesn’t snatch toys from other children like the older ones do. She, like little Jared, prefers Mummy over anybody else.

It is so cute to see the difference between the boys and the girls.

Sure, boys are rowdy. They are extremely active and at the end of the day, they can get so sweaty and smelly. Girls, on the other hand, can sit down with a book or toy for a longer time. They don’t really dash around like the boys do. There is also a difference from the way they ask for Mummy. The girls whine, the boys don’t. After being with a boy for two years, I don’t know if I can handle a girl’s whining. But I would still very much like to have a girl so that I can doll her up. 🙂 And since little Jared is oh-so-gentle-and-giving to girls, maybe having a little sister is not such a bad idea. I think he will be a good and protective big brother towards his sister. But well, you know, such things are in the hands of God. We can only try and pray hard. 🙂

PS: Some mummies were talking about having a second one next year. Hee… there is a possibility we could come together for another playgroup for our second one if they all happen on the same year.

The more we get together, the merrier we’ll be! 🙂

Returning to our playdates 30th October 2014

Last Thursday, we went back to our playdates after missing two weeks of it. I don’t know if little man miss his little friends, but I sure miss my mummy friends!

Some of these mummies have been saying how our playdates will come to an end after 7 more weeks. By then, most of our toddlers will be attending school. Thinking of it makes me feel a tinge of sadness. I have really enjoyed all the playdates with the little ones and their mummies. I think these playdates kept me sane too. I will miss all our adult and little friends very much. But I believe we will all keep in touch and meet up as often as we can!

Alright, let the photos do the talking!

An interesting introduction to the animals.

We love interactive storybooks!

A detailed explaination of how to do the artwork of a monkey.

So many colours to choose from!

Learning to colour.

My sweaty baby’s monkey!

Why so serious, children? 😉

Chinese story time!

Let’s sing a Chinese song!

The snack time that everyone looks forward to!

Who can resist balls and balloons!

Till we meet again!

Playdate 2nd October 2014

So many things to do with so little time left. Somehow everything is left hanging midway. I really need time alone to complete them and strike them off my to-do list that are getting longer. So here I am, catching up on some time alone, hiding in the study room while my sister takes time to entertain my little man.

Once again, we had a wonderful time learning together at Mummy Adeline’s place. It is really interesting to see how much these little ones have grown in knowledge and character as time passes, and also very heartwarming to see them gradually become friends with one another. I have come to realise that very young children (especially little man) generally do not warm up to other children of their age as easily as they warm up to adults who are willing to play and give in to them.

Anyway, letting the photos do the talking again as my sister is rushing me to end whatever I am doing and go out to help her entertain my son. :/

Mummy Lynn starting off with a recap of the animals and words.

Mummy Adeline went on to tell a interactive story about a sheep.

And she generously provided us with the materials to make a sheep of our own.

Little man and his sheep

Our Chinese storytelling resume!

Practical life: Learning to string. Not an easy task.

Learning to button, zip, tie laces and unbuckle. This is very interesting but a little difficult for little man. Good, because he can learn more as he progresses.

Identifying animals. Something he is very good in 🙂

Unlocking different types of locks.

Puzzles. Something he has become rather good at as well.

Ohh…Ahh..Beh…Ahh..Som! Getting partners for the relay in Big Muscles segment.

Run baby run!

Singing action songs!

Playdate 18th Sept 2014

We are back to our learning session again after a week of break. We went to various farms the week before, but I didn’t have time to write about it as little man was down with light diarrhea. This week, we initially planned for an outdoor session at the park again, however the haze came back and we had to change the venue. Thankfully Mummy Adeline was kind enough to host the session, hence we went to her place instead.

I shall let the photos do the talking because little man will be waking up any minute now. Here you go.

Started off with free play of the farm animals the children will be learning this term.

Saying hello to everyone.

Revision of animals taught in previous sessions and learning of new animals.

Mummy Adeline telling the story of the animal dance.

Next, moving on to the different stations of practical life.

Sorting of coloured animals

Matching of animals

Stacking the boxes according to the numbers. The mummies all agreed that the children enjoyed toppling the boxes more.

Teabreak by Mummy Adeline. Thank you for the nice snacks!

Teabreak for mummies by Mummy Lynn & Adeline!

Teaching the animals in Chinese

Singing and playing to the song “Row your boat” (Mandarin version). Little man was so happy as he sang and row his bopat with Mama

Off to the corridor for Big Muscles Movement!

Just a simple game, but little man enjoyed so much!

Picking and putting bottle caps

Cheers to a good session!

It was a very enjoyable session with lovely snacks brought over by Mummy Lynn. On our way there, Mummy E and I were still talking about how much we look forward to the cake made by Mummy Lynn. I think such playdates are not just for the kids, but also a platform for SAHMs with a common goal to come together to share. Mummies enjoy them too! 🙂

Playdate 28th August 2014

I look forward to every Thursday where we go for our playgroup activities and little man do some group learning.

We started with some free play with the little farmhouse C has prepared for the children.

Then we went on to recap the colours and shapes that were taught previously.

L using various items to teach the different colours and shapes.

Listening attentively.

Next, C brought out a book about a farmhouse. The children were delighted to see so many animals and couldn’t wait to go forward and point to the animals C mentioned in her story.

The post-story activity was animal mask-making. Mummies and the little children have to make an animal mask togther. Alhtough the mummies were the one doing all the job, I think the children had fun helping us to paste.

Little man with his mask

Teaching little man how to play with the mask

C with a mirror, showing the children what they can do with the masks.

Beautiful masks! I myself was pretty impressed 🙂

After playing with the masks for a while, we had some snacks.

And we proceeded to Chinese story-telling and songs.

It’s definitely not easy to get all of them to pay attention. Mama must work harder on that.

At this point, little man became cranky and made a big fuss while I was telling the story. On one hand, I think he was getting tired. On the other hand, he probably only wants Mama to pay attention to him, not other children. He was really upset when I ignored him and continue the story with other children. His temper is getting really bad, especially when he is tired or hungry. I hope that my perseverance in disciplining him will eventually teach him to control his temper better.

Next, we went on to practical life, sorting of colours and shapes.

I was really happy to see little man grow as he grasps the concepts of certain activities that he never gets previously. I was gleaming with pride when he finally sorted out the colours and shapes without difficulty. It was a great moment for Mama. 🙂 At the early stage when we were teaching shapes and colours, little man was either not interested or do not understand the concept of these. This is especially so for colours. It is so intangible, I do not know how to explain to him. At one point, I wa wondering if he is able to differentiate the colours at all. I am glad that my fears were unfound, now that he is able to sort the various colours given to him. Although he still gets their names wrong, I am not too concerned with that.

Having learning sessions with other children, also allow me to see how little man interacts with them. It was surprising for me to see little man being more aggressive than he usually was when trying to get things his way with other children. This will be his learning point for every session he has with these lovely little playmates. Thankfully, we have very understanding fellow mummies.

Group Photo!

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