Fifth day into 2015, the unsettling feeling still lingers around.

Little man seems to be more accepting towards his new school and friends on his second day. However, that is provided Mama is around. Mama can only be around for the first three days, hence she has no idea how little man is going to react on the fourth day of school when Mama does not go into the classroom with him. So far, little man has refused help from any teachers to wash his hands, change diapers and many other routines. He only wants his Mama.

Back at home, little man starts to get more mood swings than ever. He could not sleep well at night as well. I think deep down, he is also feeling insecure, although he is unable to verbalise his feelings. I tried to be more patient with him, and requested that from Hubby as well. However, it still ended rather bad tonight with Hubby getting very angry with his unreasonable outburst.

For myself, ever since that hit by the nasty flu bug during Christmas, I have been getting dizzy spells and numbness in various parts of my headache every now and then. It was not as bad as the previous time during early December, but still not a good feeling. I have no idea what happened to my health. Suddenly I became so weak after that fateful episode. I hate this. I have to get well soon. There are so many things waiting for me to do. After settling little man into his new school, I have to start getting myself ready for work, and this includes shopping for work clothes. And Chinese New Year will be so near then. Personally, I really don’t like Chinese New Year. So many things to be done, so little time. 🙁

One step at a time, I keep telling myself whenever all these frustrate me. I have been through worse times, I can get through this.