We were having dinner.

Hubby and little man had a bowl of Wanton noodles each. Ever since my pregnancy, I was not able to eat much in the evening. Hence, I told Hubby not to buy for me, I will just eat whatever little man left over.

Little man loves his eggs, so each bowl of noodles came with a braised egg each. He was delighted to see an egg for dinner and requested to eat the entire egg. I obliged.

Hubby saw that and gave his egg to me. Little man asked why. Hubby told little man because I do not have any egg to eat. Upon hearing that, little man scooped up a quarter of his egg without a second thought and wanted to feed me. That instant, I was very touched by his gesture.

I realised that children learn to love, by observing the adults closest to them. Little man was learning from his Papa, how to love his Mama.

This realisation is important. We must constantly remind ourselves to watch our language and behaviours in front of the little ones. We may not realise it, but eventually, one day, we will see ourselves in them.