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Mild Cellulitist

Last weekend was supposed to be a great long weekend where we celebrate Singapore’s birthday and have some good family time together. Instead we decided for little man to take his 5-in-1 vaccination booster right before it on Friday.

I was pretty calm and not stressed out this time round as little man’s body has been dealing with the previous 2 vaccinations quite well, developing only higher than normal temperature that doesn’t require any medication at all. As expected, all went well until the very next day when I discovered his vaccination spot on the his behind so swollen that one side was much bigger than the other. Deep down, I know it’s cellulitist. Again.

The last time, little man developed cellulitist after his vaccination when he was about 10 months old. The vaccination was on the thigh and his left thigh was twice the size of his right one. Back then, I didn’t know it was something serious, but I have this nagging feeling that something is not right. Hence I went ahead to bother a friend who is a pediatrician. After a conversation with him, I decided to send little man to KKH A&E. He was admitted right away.

We were all very angry then, my mom and I especially. We have so questions about this, why and how it happened. My mom insisted that it was the pd who did a bad job when administering the jab. She was there then and feel that the pd did not wait till little man settled down before putting the jab in him. The doctors at KKH was reluctant/unable to confirm with me if it was a human error. When I informed the pediatrician about it, she was rather defensive. And because we have paid a lump sum for the vaccination package, we were unable to get any refund even if we decided not to go back to this pd.

It was upsetting for me to need to doubt this pd as she has been really good with little man. And most importantly, the SBCC Bishan clinic is just within walking distance from my house. Hubby and I had a long discussion about it, and in the end we decided to just finish up the package and stop it at there.

One bad thing leads to another. During little man’s stay at KKH, he caught a very bad bug which lead to his very bad cold (another hospitalisation at KKH within a week). Then before he can fully recover, he caught another different virus from his infant care and lead to the 3rd hospitalisation due to pneumonia. Three hospitalisation within a month. By then, Hubby and I become so pro in this, we actually know what to tell the nurse at KKH to speed up the entire A&E agonising and time-consuming process. It was a very tiring period. I swear then that I will probably not have another child and let her go through such agony again. Ever since then, every vaccination has been a nerve-wrecking one.

We were really lucky this time that despite the big sore swell, little man did not develop any high fever. Nevertheless, it really gets to me. I couldn’t eat or sleep well for that weekend. I was so worried about little man.

We went to see the pd again the following Monday and all she did was to shrug and look helpless. And she said,” Jab thigh like that, jab butt also like that. Then next time where can I jab?” It sounds like it wasn’t her fault at all. I felt so upset. Was it little man’s fault that he develop cellulitist? Was it really like that? Hubby was the calm one. He said just to finish up the package. We are left with 3 boosters and 2 Hepatitist A jabs, just finish those jabs. I agree with Hubby when I think about the money put in. On the other hand, my heart pains just to think about how many times my boy has to suffer in this pd’s hands.

Hubby says I shouldn’t be too emotional as it is neither helping me nor little man. I should be stronger emotionally and more rational. I am trying to and trying hard. I have learnt that no one can get to my heart as deep as my little baby. The pain, agony and helplessness I felt when going through little man’s suffering with him, really cripple me sometimes. One of the reason why I hesitated to have a second one. I don’t know if I can take that much heartache. A selfish reason, but a valid one if you see how much I lose weight and colour every time little man is sick. I really hate to see myself like this, so I am learning to be stronger.

Every such episode has a lesson learnt. I need to type this down before I forgot.

1. Never arrange for vaccination when there is no clinics available for the next couple of days.
2. Always request for that pd to jab only when little man is no longer struggling profusely. It might be one of the cause for his cellulitist.
3. Prepare warm compress using boiled egg and use immediately on little man when we get home.
4. Apply some lavender essential oil / tea tree remedy on the vaccination spot immediately after.
5. Keep monitoring and don’t let your guard down.

Pray that this will be the last episode of cellulitist I have to deal with.

Unnerving Thursday

Brought little man for influenza vaccination (booster jab) again in the morning. Quietly prayed that he will not develop fever as per his last flu jab.

Early afternoon, received a call from Hubby. He was not feeling well since last night. It became worse after lunch and he told me he will be home early to see the doctor and rest. This worried me. Hubby is not someone who will take medical leave lightly. When he decided to leave work early to see doctor, he must feeling really sick. Just as expected, Hubby developed a high fever of 38.8 degree that night.

While looking after Hubby, I was praying so hard for little man to be alright. Thank God, he was well throughout the night. Hubby also got better this morning.

It is really not easy to be dealing with a sick child and a sick adult. But luckily that scenario never happen. Sometime ago, a friend asked on FB if it’s a better scenario for the child or the adult to be sick. I answered adult, as I cannot bear to see my baby go through all that agony. But having a sick adult and an active child, is also a tough case.

What do you think?

Little man’s 1st flu jab

Little man took his first flu jab on Friday (2 days ago).

It was recommended by our pediatrician and another friend as a prevention for future episodes of serious influenza. After reading up on all possible side-effects it will have on him, we braced ourselves for fever and more.

Little man always develop fever after vaccination. It is to be expected. Surprisingly, 2 days went by without any significant rise in temperature. The highest measured was 37 degree celcius. Hubby and I both thought it’s the beginning of another episode of sleepless nights. But nothing, no fever, no nothing.

I feel really pleased with little man and myself. All those doses of Sambucol and TCM medication really help, I think.

Let’s work towards stronger immunity, little man! We can do it! 😀

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