Little man’s name

Before little man was born, Hubby and I were looking through names for him.

I was tasked with the job of looking for suitable names as Hubby felt that I was more critical of such things. He will choose from those names I shortlisted. I wanted a name that starts with ‘J’, just like mine. (I’ve always wanted to name my first child ‘Joy’, but God sent me a boy.) Hence we ended up with Jared.


It sounded so apt.

Little man’s Chinese name was chosen with wishes and hopes that his world and his vision will be as vast and deep as the unlimited ocean, and a life as beautiful as the clear, vast summer sky.

Mama wishes beautiful things for you, my little child. One day you might find the existence of ugliness in this world, but do remember to stay on the bright side of life. Mama loves you very much, and will try my best to be that shinning light for you, for as long as I can.

I love you my baby, my darling little man.

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