Thinking about Sleeping

Little man has not been a good sleeper ever since he was born as compared to many his age who seemed to have slept through the night quite easily.

Since 3 months old, Hubby and I have been discussing and experimenting with whatever can help little man to sleep through the night. I am someone who can’t deal with sleepless nights. It affects me a great deal. Hence dearest Hubby has been the night watchman most of the time. I am really grateful to Hubby for that, alhtough I tend not to sleep well with all that fussing. Then little man sleep through eventually when he was about 6 months old, waking up in some nights.

These few weeks, out of nowhere, he will suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night and stay wide awake. This is bad and it is like that till now. Hubby and I are so tired, but we can’t blame the little fellow as he looks like he really can’t get back to sleep. We have already cut his sleep time in the afternoon, now we really have no idea what’s going on. Sigh.

Have tried letting him drink chamomile tea near his bed-time. Am going to try the homeopathic teething tablets as well (was guessing that he is going through teething) since many reviewed it to be useful.

Other than this, are there anything else I can do?

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