Eczema due to Essential Oils

Those with feeds must be wondering why I posted so many posts within an hour. Actually those previous posts have been all half-written because I was interrupted by little man. Sigh. But sweet interruptions those are ๐Ÿ™‚ I only have time to write when little man is sleeping. Within those 2 precious hours, got to take lunch, do housework and then write blog, not simple.

Anyway, this post is about my rash that I complained in my last post.

Seen the skin doctor at National Skin Centre this morning and did some tests. Turned out that these are a rather bad condition of eczema with bacteria infection due to the use of essential oils. Remember I was writing about how the Young Living essential oils helped little to clear his cough within 2 days in this post? It probably worked for little man, but not for my skin.

I was feeling really upset and in dilemma as I have just bought 2 new bottles of Thieves and RC for little man. They are NOT cheap. But Hubby said something that strike a chord in me. He said that we are lucky this eczema doesn’t happen to little man, and that $89 spent, just take it that we have spent it on a good dinner at a restaurant. No point using the oils again when it can cause such harm. Whenever I ้’ป็‰›่ง’ๅฐ– and make myself go in circles, Hubby will always enlighten me.

So now, I will stop using essential oils. Sigh, hope little man will stop getting flu and cough from various people. It’s really hard when just going downstairs to take a walk, we will definitely come across people sneezing and coughing away. There is definitely a nasty virus going around!

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