Couple time

Little man went over to my Mom’s over the weekend for a stayover. It gives us some time together, just me and Hubby.

This rare occurence of couple time makes me realised one thing: We Need Such Time More Often.

Not because we enjoyed it very much. On the contrary, we have been quarrelling on the slightest thing when little man is not around. Very ironic as we hardly do that with little man filling up every moment of our time.

I realised that Hubby has forgotten how to “treat me like a lover” like he used to when we were without kids. He has gotten used to treating me as his child’s mother. He has been taking ME for granted. ME, as his lover, not as his wife and mother of his child.

To me, it makes a big difference. I need to be treated as a woman, as a lover when we are having couple time, not a SAHM.

We need more of such time, and we can do this better the next time round.

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