Unnerving Thursday

Brought little man for influenza vaccination (booster jab) again in the morning. Quietly prayed that he will not develop fever as per his last flu jab.

Early afternoon, received a call from Hubby. He was not feeling well since last night. It became worse after lunch and he told me he will be home early to see the doctor and rest. This worried me. Hubby is not someone who will take medical leave lightly. When he decided to leave work early to see doctor, he must feeling really sick. Just as expected, Hubby developed a high fever of 38.8 degree that night.

While looking after Hubby, I was praying so hard for little man to be alright. Thank God, he was well throughout the night. Hubby also got better this morning.

It is really not easy to be dealing with a sick child and a sick adult. But luckily that scenario never happen. Sometime ago, a friend asked on FB if it’s a better scenario for the child or the adult to be sick. I answered adult, as I cannot bear to see my baby go through all that agony. But having a sick adult and an active child, is also a tough case.

What do you think?

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