Somehow I feel rather weak and easily tired after the operations. It felt like post-delivery. Not a good feeling.

Got home the next day and resume my daily routine as a SAHM. Hubby worked from home to be there in case I needed help, but still gotta do most of the work I have been doing. Hubby is now our sole breadwinner, I must not affect his work too much. Perhaps due to the moving around, carrying our 11.2-kg baby and standing and squating, the discharge seemed to have more blood than the first day at the hospital. And I started to feel cramps and slight discomfort at my lower abdominal.

Requested Hubby to buy me some chicken essence. Just want to build back my body constitution, guess this is the easiest way I can think of without slogging in the kitchen. But today Hubby told me that a friend told him that I shouldn’t be drinking chicken essence in the first week. Hm… can anyone enlighten me on this?

Really hoping to get back to normal soon. I need my nightly workout of yoga to stretch those flabby tissues of mine.

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