Immunization to a SAHM

Little man took his Chicken Pox immunization on Friday. Prior to that, we “quarrantined” him for the entire week so as to minimise his chances of falling sick before the jab. Call us paranoid, but I’d rather play safe.

Ever since I became a SAHM, the immunization affairs for little man took a different standing for me. I am not as stressed out as I was when I had to work. Stressed out because I was really worried about how sick he can be, and how it is going to affect my work and how to request for leave and so on and so forth. Being a teacher does not make it any easier as we do not have annual leave, only 6 days of child care leave. Any parents can tell you that a simple cold can easily take 3 days from that 6 days. Sad to say, urgent leave for us are not desirable by the management. Hence it’s also a turmoil and dilemma when it comes to vaccination and child getting sick. But now, being a SAHM, I am more chilled and prepared. My focus is on little man and nothing else, and Hubby does not have to leave his work if he really get sick. I feel such a huge difference.

Anyway, I am really proud of little man. Somehow he did not develop fever at all for the past 3 vaccinations. It surprises me as little man never once go through a vaccination without fever. Hopefully it’s a sign that he is getting stronger in immunity and his body is better prepared when he goes to nursery next year.

Like what Hubby said, just continue what I have been doing with little man, for I must have done something right. 🙂

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