Little man’s first playdate on 10th July

It’s been a while since I updated. Have been rather busy with researching on accomodation and looking through possible good purchases on Taobao for our upcoming Korea trip. Yes, Korea again. We went last year to Seoul and Busan when little man was 6 months old and saw lovely cheery blossoms. Now we are hoping to catch Korea’s autumn in action since I no longer have to plan my travel according to the school holidays.

Sorry, I digressed.

Anyway, Mama and little man finally took the step forward and embarked on a whole new journey toward home-schooling. Lynn and her friends are so generous to welcome us into their learning and activity group that was formed for quite awhile. I was initially quite hesitant as the mothers who host the playdates all stayed quite far away. The travelling will go into little man’s nap time, and a tired baby is a very cranky baby. But after discussing with Hubby, we decided that we (little man and Mama) must step out of our comfort zone and give it a try.

Somehow I was not able to sleep early that night, and little man (who perhaps already sense a fun day tomorrow) woke up at 3am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. So I had to pull myself up at 7am, and dragged little man out of bed to prepare. Taking public transport during the rush hour was horrible as well. I was prepared for a fight against anyone who refused me a seat, having to carry my 11.5kg toddler on the jerky public transport. Hubby kept telling me to take a cab over, but this is a weekly playdate, how often can I indulge in cab rides?

Despite everything that went wrong, it was a really good experience and eye-opener for me. I am glad I pushed myself to do this for little man.

The session started with welcoming little friends and circle time, followed by games that promote big muscle movement. And then there was story time and craftwork, with a tea break in-between. Quiet time was planned to settle down the children before we carried on with sensory bin, action songs, practical life and then the goodbye song.

Little man was rather engaged initially by the games. But I guess the early morning has taken a toil on him, hence he started to whine for me and refused to join in the other activities. But I am glad this whining did not go on for long. Eventually after much coaxing, he joined the rest of the activities. Below are some photos of what we have done.

(picture borrowed from Lynn‘s blog)

After having lunch with Lynn and her girl, we took the public transport all the way back and reached home at 3.30pm. Little man slept throughout the journey and left me aching everywhere after putting him down in his cot. This weariness from travelling was brought over to the next day for the both of us. Nevertheless, I am really glad and proud of ourselves for pushing on. Hopefully it will get better and easier next week. Till then.

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