Playdate 17th July

Our second playdate started out on a very wet morning.

The loud thunder woke Hubby up and he asked if we are still going for our learning session. I know how easy it is to just stay in bed and not attend it, but that’s not what I want little man to learn. Being resilient would mean going ahead with your plans even though the weather encourages you otherwise. Hence, we still went ahead with our playdate.

I must say that I am very proud of little man, although he had a few meltdowns because he was really tired. He was very well-behaved throughout our bus and train journey, and during mealtimes. During most of his meltdowns, it’s as if he knew he was tired, he would cry a little, and then request for his pacifier. After awhile, he will go back to the activities he was supposed to participate. Sometimes, I feel heartache to see him so tired, and I wonder if it was right to “push” him to go beyond his usual timing. Having said that, little man enjoyed himself most of the time. And seeing how the mummies in the group put in so much effort to try to engage the children, I feel that we are really doing something great here.

Coincidentally, a new child joined us that day, and turn out that his mummy was my secondary classmate, A! A used to sit beside me back in secondary 3. She was in the hockey team and had to run every morning with her teammates. Because of her influence, I started running every morning around the school track as well. I was no doubt at my fittest then. Anyway, it was really great seeing her. It’s really a small world, you know.

Some photos of our activities:

The sensory bin

Learning to string

Matching the caps with their containers

Learning to use the tongs

Tea time!

Arts & craft

Little man’s artwork. Although I think he is more interested in cleaning the table and his hands.

These playdates taught me a lot about little man and myself. I am trying not to be too paranoid about little man getting dirty when carrying out some of these activities. And I also try to stop myself from interfering too much when little man tried to do things on his own. It’s not easy, but Mama has already changed a lot for little man, so what’s a few more changes?

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