Outdoor playdate 31 July 2014

Time passes so fast with my active little man that I could not find any free time to sit down proper and record down some of the activities we did last week and the many thoughts that ran through my mind. Had to quickly type this down before our next playdate, which is this Thursday.

Last Thursday, we had our first outdoor playdate.

The mothers came together and planned the morning learning session outdoor. It was a success! Both children and mothers love having lessons in the open and getting close to nature.

I feel really blessed and honoured to be part of this group of selfless mothers who all come together to make a difference to their child’s stay-at-home life. As much as it was tiring, I am really proud to have taken the step forward for little man. I have learnt so much from these mothers and I know little man looks forward to seeing his friends every week as well.


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