Bonding time

Having time by myself now that Hubby brought little man out to the park for a short walk.

We observed recently that little man was getting very clingy to me. He wouldn’t let Hubby do anything with him when I am around, and would insist that I do whatever he asked rather than Hubby. There was once during bath time, he was struggling so much as he just wanted me and nobody else. Hubby got so angry with him that he stormed out of the bathroom after I came to take over. He would also insist on me feeding him, refusing any food Hubby has to offer, although they were exactly the same food.

I was telling Hubby that it’s time he have some bonding time with little man without me around. Hubby must work harder on building relationship with little man if he intends to baby-carry him for our upcoming Korea trip in October. As little man’s weight increases, it’s getting tougher for me to carry him for long periods of time. We have decided not to bring a stroller along as it will be more of a burden than help given that Korea is not a stroller-friendly country. We probably can’t quite manage a stroller with 2 luggages and a very active little man. Little man do not allow himself to be strapped in the stroller all the time as well, unless he is sleeping. Hence, baby-carrying is probably the best way to go. However, I foresee myself carrying little man instead if he refuses to be carried by Hubby.

Received a photo taken by Hubby.

Seems like they are having a great time together 🙂

And little man came home, happily asking his father to do everything he wanted help in.

Good job, Hubby!

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