Plans following review

This afternoon, I tried reading storybooks to little man again. I find that he can follow the story better as compared to the past, although he still easily get distracted by other things in the pictures, such as the birds in the sky. These are some plans I intend to carry out next week. Hope I can persevere.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – English days

To speak mainly in English to little man. Translate only when necessary.

  • Tuesday & Thursday – Chinese days

As playdates fall mainly on Thursdays, little man has plenty of opportunities to interact with others in English as that is the main language used in our sessions.

  • Saturdays & Sundays – Free & easy

We can choose to speak in either language, but we must only communicate in a single language at one time.

On English days, I will read English books to him and vice versa in the afternoon after his nap. Hopefully this helps to develop his patience and love for reading.

Such a plan has failed in the past when he was much younger. Now that he is more receptive to both language, I do hope that it will help to build up his foundation for both languages.

Papa Ong, do you read? We must be together in this for it to work. Okay?

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