Finding time to workout

I am a believer that having children should not stop you from doing what you enjoy doing as a person. Yes, you will have to give and take, and accomodate to their needs first before yourself, but you must always find ways and time to fulfill your own needs as well. A miserable mother makes an equally miserable child. Hence, after delivery, I started to find time to workout, something that I have been doing even before dating Hubby.

It was tough as I can only have some me-time at night, which meant later bathtime and bedtime. My TCM physician always advise me and Hubby to bath and sleep earlier (before 9pm) as the late nights have affected our immunity and well-being. I tried to, but no matter how early I workout, it will have to after all the house chores are done, and that will never be earlier than 9pm.

Lately, I have been discussing with Hubby about the possibility of me waking up earlier than little man and do a little work out and bath before little man starts his day. Hubby laughed. He knows me, I am never an early person and it will be pure torture for me to wake up this early. Deep down, I knew he was right. As if to confirm my suspicions, I found THIS article that says “Your body’s circadian rhythm determines whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, and there’s not much you can do to alter it.

Yeah. My unwillingness inability to wake up earlier than I should is backed by scientific evidence, and no one should fault me for it. This means I need to find a timing that truly work for me.

This morning, it just dawned upon me that I could try to workout when little man was taking his afternoon nap. I thought it really could work out, hence I decided to try. And tada! This is a very happy me 🙂 (well, part of me)

No more late nights and dreaded early-ish mornings.

I am officially bringing our couple time forward to 10.00pm (latest) and bedtime 11.30pm (latest). 🙂

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