Family in the digital age

Went out for lunch at Soup Restaurant today with Hubby and little man.

There was a bigger table of six, consisting of two parents, three children and a domestic helper. The two parents were browsing on their mobile phone. All three children were playing with their tablets individually. The domestic helper, feeding the youngest child.

It was a sad sight.

I don’t want to be judgemental because being a parent, I know how difficult it is to have a proper meal without fussing over the children. Sometimes it is just so easy to give in and say, “Alright, go play with the ipad and stop disturbing me.” But I would never allow that to happen at our mealtimes.

I believe in setting good examples and inculcating good habits from the start. When Hubby and I were still dating, we would often gossip talk about some couples around us who were sitting on the same table, but never spoke to each other because they were both too engaged with their phone. We set a no-mobile-phone rule when we were around each other because that is not what being in a relationship is all about.

For me, it is the same as building a relationship in a family. Mealtimes should be a time where all members gather together and chat about anything under the sun. Such time together promotes understanding and bonds people together. Having a close relationship with the child, allow us to be more than just parents to the child. I don’t want to be just a parent to little man. I hope that he will grow up knowing that he can confide in me because I understand him, always support him and never judge him. I hope that he will grow up knowing that I am not just a mother who gave birth to him, but a person who is always there for him. All these can only happen when I build a good relationship with him from the start.

I am glad that we never succumb to the digital temptations with little man. And when he eventually need to use the digital devices, I will try my best to let him understand how rude and sad it is to be so engrossed in those devices, when the people you love and love you are just waiting for you to communicate with them.

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