Colours play

Being rather particular about cleanliness, I hardly allow little man to play with crayons, colour pencils, paints or anything of that sorts. I am careful not to put myself in a situation where I would be frustrated and spend more time cleaning up rather than enjoying myself. Hence, I was pretty excited when I read about how Addie let her son play with paints without making a frustrating mess. You can read more about it here.

And so, on a rainy Tuesday, after little man was done with his lunch and poos and whatever that could happen when he instinctively knew that Mama is planning something for him, we finally got to try out the new washeable paints I bought from Kiddy Palace.

This brand of paint is not as washeable as I would like it to be. It took a long while of washing for me and little man to get it off our hands (and his body). On this aspect, I think the Crayola washeable paints are so much better. Luckily, the paints on the walls and floor were easily washed away with water.

Little man focusing on his artwork.

Lovely final product 🙂

I think little man did enjoyed himself, although as usual, he requested to wash his hands after he saw how dirty they became, and wanted nothing to do with the paints anymore. Nevertheless, it was a good try for both Mama and little man. 🙂

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