Singapore Kite Festival 2014

Have been wanting to bring little man to the Singapore Kite Festival for the longest time ever since he knows the term “kite”. We missed the last one due to his vaccination, hence we were glad that we are able to make it for the festival this time round.

The Kite Festival was organised by NTUC Income and ACT 3 International and held at The Promontory@Marina Bay. If I am not wrong, the past festivals were held at Marina Barrage. Although I have never been to the festivals held at Marina Barrage, I would think that holding the event at Marina Barrage is a better choice than The Promontory as there were not sufficient space for the public to fly their own kites as there are too many flags and trees around. Despite having our little kite, we could not find a good place to fly it. In the end, we just strolled along The Promontory.

The goodie bag.

Little man’s very first kite.

Truth to be told, I was a little disappointed by the scale of it. Hope that we will be able to attend a larger scale kite festival in the future, and fly our own kite together with many others.

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