Playdate 28th August 2014

I look forward to every Thursday where we go for our playgroup activities and little man do some group learning.

We started with some free play with the little farmhouse C has prepared for the children.

Then we went on to recap the colours and shapes that were taught previously.

L using various items to teach the different colours and shapes.

Listening attentively.

Next, C brought out a book about a farmhouse. The children were delighted to see so many animals and couldn’t wait to go forward and point to the animals C mentioned in her story.

The post-story activity was animal mask-making. Mummies and the little children have to make an animal mask togther. Alhtough the mummies were the one doing all the job, I think the children had fun helping us to paste.

Little man with his mask

Teaching little man how to play with the mask

C with a mirror, showing the children what they can do with the masks.

Beautiful masks! I myself was pretty impressed πŸ™‚

After playing with the masks for a while, we had some snacks.

And we proceeded to Chinese story-telling and songs.

It’s definitely not easy to get all of them to pay attention. Mama must work harder on that.

At this point, little man became cranky and made a big fuss while I was telling the story. On one hand, I think he was getting tired. On the other hand, he probably only wants Mama to pay attention to him, not other children. He was really upset when I ignored him and continue the story with other children. His temper is getting really bad, especially when he is tired or hungry. I hope that my perseverance in disciplining him will eventually teach him to control his temper better.

Next, we went on to practical life, sorting of colours and shapes.

I was really happy to see little man grow as he grasps the concepts of certain activities that he never gets previously. I was gleaming with pride when he finally sorted out the colours and shapes without difficulty. It was a great moment for Mama. πŸ™‚ At the early stage when we were teaching shapes and colours, little man was either not interested or do not understand the concept of these. This is especially so for colours. It is so intangible, I do not know how to explain to him. At one point, I wa wondering if he is able to differentiate the colours at all. I am glad that my fears were unfound, now that he is able to sort the various colours given to him. Although he still gets their names wrong, I am not too concerned with that.

Having learning sessions with other children, also allow me to see how little man interacts with them. It was surprising for me to see little man being more aggressive than he usually was when trying to get things his way with other children. This will be his learning point for every session he has with these lovely little playmates. Thankfully, we have very understanding fellow mummies.

Group Photo!

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