Thank you, God.

One of the reasons for staying at home with little man is to build up his immunity through his daily meals. This meant cooking two well-balanced meals for him every day. I make sure that there is always “something from the ocean and something from the hills”.

Very often, fish will be in one of his meals. I am always very careful handling fish or anything with tiny bones. My brother had a near-fatal experience with pork bones when he was younger. He was lucky my mother sent him to KKH early enough to discover that bone stuck in his lungs. This often reminds me to be more careful with handling little man’s food.

Today, I cooked fish porridge again for lunch. When I was handling the fish, I thought I felt something boney. Hence, I went through the meat twice to make sure there was not bones. I did not find any bones in the end. However, when I was having the leftover porridge for my lunch, I found this tiny little fish bone in my mouth. It gives me chills to think that this bone could be in that bowl of porridge little man has just taken. I said a little prayer and thank God for watching over little man.

It’s another reminder that one can never be too careful. I should have trusted my instincts and looked for that boney thingy I felt when handling the fish. I am so thankful and grateful that nothing bad happens.

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