Little man of many words (sometimes gibberish)

Little man is now at a phase where he wants to talk and communicate with us. Sometimes, he simply talk gibberish but with plenty of emotions and facial expression, it’s so cute to watch him.

These days, he would request for me to put down whatever I am doing (most of time when I am in the kitchen) and accompany me. He would come and hug my legs and say, “妈妈,陪。” It’s hard to reject him when he is saying it so sweetly, but very often I would ask him to wait and explain to him that I am cooking his meals. I think it is important to teach him the virtue of patience, hence I try hard not to give in to his every request immediately especially when I am in the midst of doing something.

Yesterday, when I was in the middle of texting someone, little man came to me and say,”妈妈,手机,放下。陪泓昊。” I was so surprised to hear this whole string of words from him, I had to put down my mobile phone and give him a tight hug.

This evening, my mother called to say that she will be coming over with some food for little man. I told him,”婆婆买了鱼和肉给泓昊,等一下婆婆来了,要跟婆婆说谢谢,知道吗?” Shortly after, little man came to me and say,”婆婆来,买,鱼,肉,泓昊,谢谢。”

I think it is a strong sign of little man’s readiness to learn to say a proper sentence. Hence these days I have been speaking to him in a slower pace, repeating in both English and Chinese. I will also repeat the nouns or important words of that particular sentence twice in both languages. So far, he has been very receptive towards both languages, although he tends to reply in Mandarin.

Ideally, I would like to have more people speak to him in the way that I have. This is especially so for Hubby. But I also understand that after a long day at work, Hubby really don’t have much energy left to be as particular as me when communicating with little man. But we will all try. Right, Laogong?

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