Playdate 18th Sept 2014

We are back to our learning session again after a week of break. We went to various farms the week before, but I didn’t have time to write about it as little man was down with light diarrhea. This week, we initially planned for an outdoor session at the park again, however the haze came back and we had to change the venue. Thankfully Mummy Adeline was kind enough to host the session, hence we went to her place instead.

I shall let the photos do the talking because little man will be waking up any minute now. Here you go.

Started off with free play of the farm animals the children will be learning this term.

Saying hello to everyone.

Revision of animals taught in previous sessions and learning of new animals.

Mummy Adeline telling the story of the animal dance.

Next, moving on to the different stations of practical life.

Sorting of coloured animals

Matching of animals

Stacking the boxes according to the numbers. The mummies all agreed that the children enjoyed toppling the boxes more.

Teabreak by Mummy Adeline. Thank you for the nice snacks!

Teabreak for mummies by Mummy Lynn & Adeline!

Teaching the animals in Chinese

Singing and playing to the song “Row your boat” (Mandarin version). Little man was so happy as he sang and row his bopat with Mama

Off to the corridor for Big Muscles Movement!

Just a simple game, but little man enjoyed so much!

Picking and putting bottle caps

Cheers to a good session!

It was a very enjoyable session with lovely snacks brought over by Mummy Lynn. On our way there, Mummy E and I were still talking about how much we look forward to the cake made by Mummy Lynn. I think such playdates are not just for the kids, but also a platform for SAHMs with a common goal to come together to share. Mummies enjoy them too! 🙂

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