Returning to our playdates 30th October 2014

Last Thursday, we went back to our playdates after missing two weeks of it. I don’t know if little man miss his little friends, but I sure miss my mummy friends!

Some of these mummies have been saying how our playdates will come to an end after 7 more weeks. By then, most of our toddlers will be attending school. Thinking of it makes me feel a tinge of sadness. I have really enjoyed all the playdates with the little ones and their mummies. I think these playdates kept me sane too. I will miss all our adult and little friends very much. But I believe we will all keep in touch and meet up as often as we can!

Alright, let the photos do the talking!

An interesting introduction to the animals.

We love interactive storybooks!

A detailed explaination of how to do the artwork of a monkey.

So many colours to choose from!

Learning to colour.

My sweaty baby’s monkey!

Why so serious, children? 😉

Chinese story time!

Let’s sing a Chinese song!

The snack time that everyone looks forward to!

Who can resist balls and balloons!

Till we meet again!

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