Switching to big-boy bed

This has been on my mind for a while now, but I was reluctant to make the change as I (rather than little man) was unprepared for the unknown.

Recently, Hubby kept commenting on how small little man’s cot was for his growing body. He felt that it is time to make the change, especially when we are planning for another baby some time soon. Hence, after much research and discussion, a bed guard was purchased from Taobao to be fixed onto the single bed frame we had since he was born. An “auspicious” day was selected, and we finally get down to fixing the bed guard and dismantling the cot this morning.

All in a box from Taobao.

Hubby hard at work.

Little man hard at play beside Papa.

Pretty satisfied with the final product, although there are some minor flaws.

Finally sleeping on his new bed after some persuasion.

I do have some issues with this bed guard, but I am not sure if all bed guards are as such:

  • You need to screw into the bed board, which means holes on the bed board if you decided to take out the bed guard.
  • The bed guard (metal piece beneath the bed) causes the bed to be slightly uneven.
  • The cushioning of metal ring (which forms the bed guard) is not thick enough to cushion against any accidents. It will still be painful for the child.

I may be ignorant, but it will be great if there is the existence of a perfect bed guard. Nevertheless, little man will not and should not be using a bed guard forever, hence these little issues are probably negligible.

We also carefully and deliberately introduce the big-boy bed to little man.

A few weeks before the “auspicious” day, we started “planting” the idea of sleeping on a big bed in little man’s mind. He was not reluctant. On the contrary, he seemed to accept the idea pretty well.

We decided to make the change on a Saturday morning, fixing his bed guard and dismantling the cot in his presence. This gives little man a reality check that his cot is “spoilt” and can no longer be used. He will only have a big-boy bed in his room from now on. Making the change on a Saturday morning allows little man to do his “virgin nap” on the new bed in the afternoon, giving Mama and Papa time to persuade and reassure him about the new bed. Having his “virgin nap” at night might cause unforeseen sleepless night for us.

We dragged little man’s afternoon nap to a much later timing. This will help to make putting him to bed much easier as he was quite tired by then. As expected, little man refused to sleep on his new bed at first. He asked for his cot, which I explained and reminded him was spoilt and has been dismantled. He then asked to sleep in the living room. I did not give in to his request, instead put on his favourite bedtime music, close the curtains and created the similar sleeping ambience he is used to every afternoon. I saw the hesitation in his eyes for a while, then he started climbing on to the bed and lie down as he would every afternoon.

I went to him, gave him a peck on his forehead and told him I will be back after keeping his bath toys. He quietly waited on his bed with no resistence. By the time I was back, he was soundly asleep. 🙂 Yay to his first afternoon nap on the new bed.

I am quite proud of ourselves at this success. Hopefully, tonight is as fuss-free. 🙂

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