Flashcards display

Little man has never been a fan of flashcards. They bored him within a few seconds, hence I mostly teach him by using the traditional show-and-tell method. However, I still continue to buy flashcards because flashcards allow a constant visual presence which is important in my humble opinion. Instead of flashing the cards, I will use it as a game to play with him, or as a tool for revision.

I have seen how some mothers have flashcards and charts stuck on the walls. Being a near-perfectionist, I could not stand having my walls dirtied, hence I never got down to pasting anything on the walls as much as I tried to convince myself.

It came to me one day that I can use something else to hold the cards, instead of the walls. So Hubby and I started searching on Taobao for something that can work for us. And we found this.

Little man picking up the letters and put them in the correct order.

This display board is perfect for me!

I don’t have to hang it on the wall. It can stand on its on. It can be kept flat when not in use. I can already think of a hundred ways to use it. 🙂

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