A series of unfortunate events

It’s been a horrible week, starting from that fateful thunderstormy Thursday when I couldn’t get a cab at all no matter how hard I tried.

We were supposed to reach Mummy L’s place by 9.30am. By 9am, when I couldn’t get a cab using Ubertaxi or Comfort call centre, I panicked. I then decided to bring little man down to the nearest bus-stop to try our luck. Then came a real ungentlemanly man, who went all the way to vie the incoming cabs with us. With a little toddler in hand, there is nothing much I can but curse under my breath. By 10am, we gave up, feeling really apologetic towards the other mummies who managed to get there on time.

I had wanted to go back home, but little man begged me to hop on the bus as he didn’t want to go home. Hence, we took a bus to the nearest shopping mall, hoping to grab some brunch before heading home. We were really glad when my family came over to look for us upon hearing our plight. My mom stayed with us for some food, only to have little man fussing over nothing. In the end, we both did not enjoy our food and headed home immediately to settle little man down.

It was absolutely horrible to reach home to find a flooded balcony. Our balcony was supposed to be an indoor balcony. Due to the current lift-upgrading that is going on, the wall that is supposed to block us from rain and sun, is hacked away. This resulted in rainwater coming into our once clean and dry balcony.

It became rather chaotic for me, trying to feed a fussy toddler while keeping my calm and speak to people from HDB, Town Councils and the construction company, who push me to one another like a mega ping pong ball. Finally, after putting little man to sleep, I broke down and cried like I’ve never cried before. It was so bad, I had to call my Mom and literally whined through my tears.

After I’ve calmed down, some engineers from the construction company came to “take a look” to appease me (because I have been very persistent about them sending some people over to take a look at what my balcony has become). While speaking to the engineers, I suddenly felt a sharp tingling up my left head. I momentarily felt like fainting, but managed to regain my posture and hold on to little man who was in my arms. After that, it was just giddiness throughout. It felt like having a minor vertigo, nothing as bad, but bad enough to cause discomfort.

I had wanted to stay at home to rest on Friday, but decided to go out with my sister (who just ended her examinations) and little man in the end. It was a bad decision. I came home feeling worse than ever.

On Saturday, I could barely move. I felt so weak and drowsy, it felt like I am fighting a losing battle. The only consolation is probably that I have not yet develop any fever. Sunday was as bad, and I knew I had to ask my Mom to come over to help out for the next few days.

I went to see the doctor on Monday and asked him if I had suffered a minor stroke. He looked at me as if I was ridiculous and told me I probably just had a stressed time from Thursday onwards. I couldn’t believe it when he told me all my symptoms arises from my “possible” stress. Could it be a viral infection? Why am I feeling so weak suddenly? “Yes, it could be…” came his unconvincing vague answer. So he prescribed me some medication to make me relax and sent me home.

One of the medication given to me was ANAREX. It is supposed to be paracetamol together with another relaxation component. I took those medication without thinking too much.

On Wednesday, I went to the same clinic again to see another doctor (his wife, I believe). I told her I did not feel better. On top of that, I felt that I could not see as clearly as before. She told me she agreed with what the previous doctor has written in my card, and told me to rest for a few more days to monitor my situation. I left with some more medication, for my new symptoms – suspected stomach flu.

I was so worried for my eyesight as it was getting worse. I decided to make an online appointment with National Eye Center that night after talking to Hubby about my worries. Somehow, I decided to search for the side-effects of the medication I was taking as well. Turned out, ANAREX caused my blurred vision!

The Internet is the greatest invention, I tell you. If I never research, I would have never known about this.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.04.23 pm

And then I found this as well.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.15.24 pm

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.09.36 pm

You know, I cannot help but be angry at the 2 doctors that I trusted a lot. They are really good doctors, but why never did anyone of them tell me about the possible side effects and had me worried so much?

Anyway, I just stopped the medication yesterday. Felt much better today, but still a little drowsy here and there, a little blurred vision here and there. But I believe I am on my way to recovery. If not, we will still need that appointment to National Eye Centre.

What a week! 🙁

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