Faces of time

I was scheduled to invigilate a Primary 6 class for their CA Science paper. My lessons were back to back that day and I had to rush to the classroom after a stretch of 2-hour lessons. After settling down what seemed to be a class of unfamiliar faces, I had a look at the class name list. It dawned upon me that these were students I have taught before back when they were merely adorable little Primary Twos.

I started walking around the classroom, taking a good look at their faces while they were scribbling hard on the papers. An indescribable feeling came over me. It was amazing and scary at the same time how much these little people can grow within just a few years. It brought me to think about my little man. A few years down the road, he will also grow from the current cutie pie, into a different human being, perhaps towering over me, with breaking boy-man voice and very hairy legs.

Sometimes, we are so caught up with surviving day-to-day, we forgot to cherish the present. I need to constantly remind myself to savour every minute of cuteness and babyish demands my little man lavishes on me. One day, I know I am going to miss it so much.

My little darling who loves to sing.

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