Very proud of himself

That is what Hubby told me, after putting little man to sleep tonight.

It has been a long while since little man allows Hubby to put him to bed. Ever since he started school, he has been such a koala. He has to have Mama next to him while he takes his time to go to lalaland. Hence, Papa will bathe him, read books and watch videos with him while Mama quickly finishes up her housework and rushes to shower. Then Mama will take over and put him to bed, which will usually take a long time because little man wants to “chat”, play and sing with Mama instead of sleeping.

Tonight, we came home rather late. As usual, I quickly went to shower. When I came out, I was pleasantly surprised to see Hubby out of his room. Hubby couldn’t get that smirk off his face as he told him how he get little man to sleep.

Little man was asking to watch videos of his favourite songs. Hubby then told little man to lie down, close his eyes and Papa will count to 100. He promised him plenty of videos after that. He counted to around 150 before he finally fell asleep.

My verdict? I think my dear Hubby has up his level in this parenting game. I also think that my little man must be really tired to fall for that kind of trick. 😉

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