Will get better

Hubby has been saying how this year is a really bad year, although we are barely half-way through it. It’s like someone dropped the Murphy’s Law on us, and everything that can go wrong, went wrong.

First, it was the flooded balcony, then the unknown dizzy spells and blurred vision, topping it up with the leaking ceiling of the floor below (which translates to our problem as well). As if all these are not enough, our airconditioner created a havoc with its loud hum through the night every night. And then little man started to develop this thick rash around his ankle that wouldn’t go away. A week later, he caught a very bad cold and had an ongoing cough for almost 2 weeks, complicated by a sudden fever in between. In addition, work has been pounded with issues as well. It’s really not easy to go through all these and I was practically counting down day by day, hoping that all these problems will be settled one by one.

Somehow all issues became non-issues when little man fell ill. I requested for Hubby to take over the other problems so that I can concentrate on little man. I just wanted little man to get well, and nothing else matters.

Looking back, I think things were not as bad as we thought in the first place. It could be worse, but it did not get there. We learn and relearn important lessons along the way. We became stronger.

And I pray, praying hard each day, that things will get easier and easier, as we move forward with faith, hope and resolution.

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