Little man has been having this raw rough patch around his ankle since early March this year.

I did not give much to it initially as I thought it was probably skin sensitivity that will go away with some constant moisturising. However, a pediatrician whom little man sees for his vaccinations noticed it and told us it is likely to be fungal infection. She gave us this Daktacort Cream and told us we could apply for a few more days after the rash go away.

I do not have experience with fungal infection, hence even though when the pediatrician told me that it contains steroids, I did not think of rejecting it. From what I read online, fungal infection can be rather stubborn and contagious. I was petrified by the information I found.

However, after applying for the 2nd time, a white ring started to form around the rash. That instant I decided to seek a second opinion.

I went to another pediatrician whom I trusted more and her diagnosis was unfortunately the same as the first. This time, she gave me Neoderm instead.

Now, I have researched about Neoderm Cream before as I was once given Neoderm by my gynecologist for some rashes over my tummy when I was pregnant. It is a very strong steroidal cream. But like what I’ve mentioned, I have no experience with fungal infection, hence I put my trust in this particular pediatrician. Like the first pediatrician, she instructed me to apply for 1 more week even when the rash is gone as “fungal infection can be very stubborn”.

Miraculously, the rash went away within a week. But as soon as I stopped applying, it came back again, fast and furious.

I then called the pediatrician and asked for her advice. She told me to apply once more following her instructions and go back to see her if it comes back again.

And without fail, it came back again.

I was telling Hubby that if it comes back again, I will bring little man to the National Skin Center instead. She might be a good pediatrician, but she is not specialised in skin problems. Boy was I glad I go with my instincts and made that appointment with my dermatologist, Dr Hazel Oon.

A visit to NSC today helped me find out that this rough patch is not fungal infection at all. All along, little man has been misdiagnosed. A simple scrap test tells it all.

Dr Oon was surprised to hear that little man was prescribed Neoderm. She said that it is a very strong cream even for adults, and told me to stop using it on little man. (No worries, I threw that tube of Neoderm out when I read so much negative reviews about the side effects it can cause.) She then prescribed some mild steroids (Desowen and Elomet) suitable for little man, and told me I could use them if I want. (I told her I prefer not to use steroids.)

So now, my game plan is to diligently bathe that area with oat bath twice a day, and moisturise, moisturise and moisturise till it slowly go away (fingers crossed). On top of that, I will try Annique Rooibus Tea, hopefully to fasten the process. Ohya, and Lacto GG is also ongoing.

I have been through many episodes of eczema with little man, with the recent few episodes without any use of steroids. I hope I will persevere with not using steroids. After seeing how an old friend’s daughter suffers from Steroids Withdrawal Syndrome, I try my very best not to use them at all. It is quite sad to see how Singapore doctors are dispensing strong steroids such as Neoderm so freely without warning patients about its possible side-effects.

We will be alright, my baby. We will get through this like we always do.