Darndest conversations @33 months old

Little man has been quite a talker these days, both in Mandarin and English. At times, when we least expected, he says the darndest thing that leave us speechless.

This afternoon, when we were at the TCM center waiting to get our prescriptions, little man became rather impatient. He was like a broken radio, constantly asking me where his pacifier is, in BOTH LANGUAGES. I kept telling him that it is at home and we will have to wait for the medicine before we can go home. Suddenly, he turned to me and said in all seriousness, “我们家里有药了,不用再拿药了。” (We have medicine at home, we do not need to take more medicine.) Seeing that I wanted to say something in reply, he quickly continued, “我们家里一点点药,但是已经可以了。” (Although we only have some medicine at home, but it is enough for us.)

I was really amused by what he said. I think he has went on to a new level in his communication skills.

Later in the night, in an attempt to get him to sleep, I pretended to fall asleep. Instead of going to sleep, he came very near me to see if I was really sleeping. And down came his hard forehead onto my nose.

I started to cry in pain. Well, it was really painful, but I was also curious to see how he will react to my cries.

He was really shocked and stood still for a while. After that he came over to pat me and tell me, “妈妈,不要担心。我在这里。我帮你。” (Mama, don’t worry. I am here. I will help you.) And then he opened the door, dash out shouting for Hubby. From his bedroom, I heard him telling his father in a calm but anxious voice,”爸爸,快点过来!妈妈撞到鼻子了。” (Papa, come here quickly! Mama hit her nose.)

Hubby was telling him to wait because he was still in the shower. Then little man dashed back to his bedroom and came over to comfort me again. He decided that he had to do something useful as I was still “crying”, so he went over and pulled out a handful of tissues and came over to wipe my face, asking me to not to cry.

At this moment, Hubby stood at the bedroom doorway, with only his shorts. Little man saw him and told him, “爸爸,快点去穿衣服!” (Papa, quickly put on your clothes!)

I wanted to write all these down before I go to bed tonight, even though I am feeling under the weather, dizzy and weary. There were so many moments of his that I wanted to record down, but I wasn’t able to because I was struggling to keep up with home, kid and work. But you know what, such moments are so precious, and they might never come back again once they grow up.

I was watching the beginning of this documentary that talks about little children who unfortunately are not born healthy. I couldn’t bear to continue 10 minutes into the show. And I could not stop tearing. God bless those little ones who are suffering.

And I thank God, for my healthy little boy, who may have health issues every now and then, but always under the watch of his angels and Heavenly Father.

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