Going with the (eczema) flow

Things that work now,
may not work later;
things that do not work now,
may work later.

This was what the Chinese physician, Dr Mark Chern wrote in our online consultation.

It is very true, after having going through this eczema journey with my little man for the past 4 months. Every time when something works and makes his eczema better, I am so happy and prayed for complete healing. But every time, this happiness is short-lived, because the eczema will somehow stop reacting to the current remedy and go back to square one, or worse.

As mentioned in my last eczema post, we brought little man to see a 谢雅应医师 at Chung Hwa Medical Institution. Little man and I have been seeing a regular tcm physician at the clinic for my acid reflux and when little man’s cough and flu does not go away. So far, little man has been reacting well to her prescription. However, she is not expert in treating eczema, hence she once suggested that perhaps we would like to try the specialist in the clinic.

In a desperation bid to rid little man’s eczema, we decided to give him a try, despite the really bad timing of his consultation. Truth to be told, I was really disappointed by the consultation. He probably did not even take a good look at my son and his eczema. And he was not even listening carefully when I try to tell him that little man was developing a bad cold. On top of that, when I asked if I should boil the medication to rid the alcohol in it, he nonchalantly mumbled that we can heat it up if we want it to be served warm. I started to be rather doubtful as every tcm physician we go to will always remind us to boil the medication before feeding little man. But Hubby said that we should give his medicine a chance, since we took the trouble to go down despite the bad timing. I agreed to give it a try, but will probably search for other physicians if his medication proves to be not suitable.

Anyway, he prescribed little man with oral medicine consisting 四物汤 and 防风通胜汤. I asked Dr Chern and my regular tcm physician, both advised me to not take his medicine for the time being because of little man’s cold.

We went to see Dr Chern again after that visit to get some ointment to relieve his eczema as Chung Hwa Medical Clinic does not give out topical ointment according to 谢医师. This time, we (both of us and Dr Chern) were wondering if we should give acupuncture a try. Hence, we tried to distract little man with Peppa Pig videos, while Dr Chern tried a needle on him. Little man was so sensitive and could immediately sense that something bad is about to happen. That needle lasted less than a minute on his leg. However, his skin looked so good the next morning, Hubby and I have been discussing how to convince little man to give it a try again. It is difficult, given he has been so dramatic and emotional about everything lately, but we will try.

The search for a good tcm physician whose medicine works, is tough. But I am not giving up, because from my experience when my acid reflux was at its worst and I look everywhere for help, there will be someone who can help you if you do not give up.

Apart from TCM, we have reintroduced magnesium flakes to little man’s bath time routine, because ACV suddenly does not work anymore. Somehow, little man seemed to be able to tolerate the magnesium flakes and his eczema reacted well to it. For about a week, during the long National holiday, little man’s eczema looks so much better. It was not as swollen and red as before. Pity, this is short-lived as well. And now, we are back to using ACV again.

In the midst of struggling with work, little man’s terrible two/three-phase and his eczema, I came across this blog. It was heartbreaking to read the little child’s eczema story, but it gave me hope that eventually, little man will be alright too. I must not give up.

Hence, I will probably be trying out the lemongrass balm mentioned in the blog and praying hard for full recovery.

Go away, eczema. You are truly not welcome.

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