Bedtime conversations – Speechless moments

I started the routine of telling bedtime stories to little man after the lights are off. I find them extremely useful to reinforce good behaviours and habits and explain certain things to him, that perhaps when it happened in the day, he was too cranky and caught up in his emotions to listen to me.

Sometimes, I simply tell him stories I have read before and I think he will show interest in.

This evening, after telling a couple of stories about his favourite dinosaur character made up by yours truly, I proceeded to tell him the story of <武松打虎> (Wu Song beats the tiger) to end for the night. When the story ended, he became so quiet that I thought he has fallen asleep. When I was about to get myself out of his squeezy little bed, he turned around and asked me,“妈妈,老虎为什么要打死武松呢?” (Mama, why does the tiger want to kill Wu Song?).

In the end, I had to re-tell the story again to explain to him that it was Wu Song who killed the tiger, not the other way round.


I have always prayed for little man while accompanying him to sleep. Sometimes, when he hear me whispering, he will ask me what I am doing. I will tell him that I am praying for him. These days, little man will often ask me to pray to end for the night. This evening, he asked again. And I prayed with him.

At the end of our prayers, I said “Amen”. Little man turned around and asked me, what is “Amen”. I simply told him, this is how Mama prays for him.

Little man once again stayed very quiet for awhile, and then turned to ask me again, “Then, Mummy, what is Ironman?”

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