28 weeks

This week has been a really tiring week, with little man being sick again right at the beginning of the month. It’s deja vu every month, and it’s really taking a toil on all our health (yes, caretakers are definitely affected due to the lack of sleep as well.

A colleague whose daughter was hospitalised during this period, told me that the doctors at KKH said that ever since the start of the year, there are so many children getting serious viral infections, hence had to be hospitalised. And the situation is just getting worse with the bad weather and incoming haze situation.

Anyway, we decided to give this highly recommended tcm physician a try tomorrow. Hopefully, he can make a difference to little man’s health and eczema situation. Will update more as we go along.

A visit to the gynea on Thursday also put my mind at ease about my “possible” gestational diabetes situation. I am within the range and do not need to be on special diet or test my blood every day. But because little pea is still on the higher range of normal, Dr Tham told me to continue watch my diet. I was still happily asking him if I can take durian if I pass the test, because I have great plans to go to Goodwood Park to buy some durian pastries. But he said no immediately. Oh well, I guess it’s alright. I am not exactly a big fan of durians, but you know, it’s human nature to crave for things you cannot have.

Anyway, I am just very happy to hear the news, hence I am going to indulge a little bit for the next few days. But because I certainly do not want the case of a big baby (read: caesarean) and gaining too much weight like I did for my first pregnancy, I will still try to keep my carbs and sugar down, eating more vegetables and protein.

Jiayou little pea. Jiayou Mama. Jiayou little man.


Mama’s Original Weight: 44.8kg
Mama’s Weight at Week 28: 53.2kg (Gained 0.3kg in 3 weeks)
Little Pea’s Weight at Week 28: 1.251kg (Gained 0.265kg in 3 weeks)

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