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Coloured sticks for busy bags

This is a long overdue post.

I wrote a post much earlier about some busy bag ideas I’ve got for my Korea trip. One of which is coloured sticks.

I’ve always wanted to make some coloured stick for little man to play with, but never got to making them because of the work and mess that I can already vision myself creating. I was pleasantly surprised when Mummy C told me that these can be bought from Taobao and she was generous enough to lend us a bag of coloured sticks for little man to play with.

One good thing about borrowing busy bags from other mummies is that I can observe how little man play or do not play with it, and modify the busy bag idea, creating something else that would interest little man. In this case, Mummy C stuck velcros on her coloured sticks (something I thought of doing as well) for the children to create shapes and letters by sticking the sticks together. However, not only was little man not interested in the velcros, he was so disturbed by them that he tried to remove them so many times.

After returning Mummy C her busy bag, I bought 2 packs of them from Taobao. Instead of putting velcros on them, I wrote letters and words on them.

On one side are the upper and lower-case alphabets, on the other are numbers (1-10) and Chinese characters of these numbers. These are what I have been revising with little man, so he is able to recognise most of them. When I was left with a few sides blank, I thought I could teach little man some sight words, hence I started writing some simple Chinese and English sight words on them. As I did not give them much thought when I was making them, I feel that some of the sight words are not quite suitable. Nevertheless, I just let little man play with whatever I have created.

Little man likes to play them in many different ways. Sometimes he will group them according to colours and create a pattern, other times he will read out loud whatever is written on the sticks together with me. Once he surprised me by pointing the the Chinese character of sister(姐姐)and say it out correctly.

I guess the possibilities of such “toys” are endless. The first set I have done is not good enough in my opinion. I will try to get down to refining it when I have more time on my hand.

Busy bag for travelling

Some mummy friends have been asking me about what I intend to bring to keep little man busy during the Korea trip. Here are more details. But planning being planning, it doesn’t always work exactly how we plan. And if yours is a girl, the things that you would bring will be quite different as well.

1. Boogie Board & pen

This Boogie Board was purchased by Hubby quite some time ago. In my opinion, it is one of the best purchase for little man. We use this to draw for him, he learns how to draw on this board as well. We also use this board to teach him alphabets, words and numbers. Somehow it catches his attention better than flash cards.

2. Stickers & Sticker Book

3. Coloured Sticks

We going to have purchased them from Taobao. Now just waiting for the goods to reach Singapore. We borrowed a bag of these sticks from a fellow mummy. She pasted velcro on them, which I intended to do so as well, so that the sticks can be stacked together to form shapes. But little man cannot be bothered with the velcro. He actually likes taking them out, placing them properly one by one. I guess it is really free-play for the child. Hence I do not insist him on playing the way they were intended to be played.

4. Small puzzles

Little man is still not able to put everything in their right place. I will always need to place a pieces, but he is always happy to finish up the puzzle for me. I was rather surprised that the puzzle could engage little man. And these days, he was constantly asking to play with the puzzle.

5. Some small light-weight books

I recently bought these books from Taobao. They are light and small. The best thing is, little man loves them. I think I will bring a set along as well, just in case.

I think, generally, the things that I will bring along to engage little man must not be too bulky or heavy. Light-weight is the way to go.

Please, please do let me know if you have other great ideas. Would love to hear from you too! 🙂

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