Today my younger sister, JH came over, initially with the intent to accompany me & little man to the TCM clinic. However, our physician is on leave, hence we went over to AMK Hub to have lunch instead.

Being 12 years younger, JH is like my daughter. As mentioned in previous posts, I spent much of my after-school hours taking care of her when she was still a baby. I love her more than I have loved anyone. Ever since little man is born, I’d dare to say that she loves little man as much as I used to love her. I am so glad that little man feels close to his 阿姨 as well.

Anyway, JH is currently studying for her examinations starting in a week’s time. She oblidged when I ask her to accompany us out, as it is really not easy for me to bring little man out alone with a big heavy bag. Now that little man is almost 10.7kg, I feel easily tired baby-carrying him with my bag full of his barang. Yes, he sure can walk, but he often refuses to. And when he decided he wants to walk, he will be running in all directions. Sigh.

We proceeded to AMK Hub and decided to have lunch at Eighteen Chefs, a new restaurant in the hub. It was an interesting self-serving concept, hence no need for service charge. But food is not cheap, neither is it really worth the money, in my opinion. I would rather spend at New York New York or Aston for better food.

I ordered the Dory with Lemon Caper Sauce Lunch Special (12.80), added a drink ($4.90) to get the free garlic bread and soup. The bread was alright, but the soup was really watery and salty. The dory dish was bland and not very appetising. JH ordered a student meal at only $6.40. That is really worth it if you are a student as it also include a free drink and ice-cream.

After lunch, we intended to let little man play in the Explorer Kid next door, but little man became really cranky and tired, we decided to go home instead.

It’s always a joy to be able to hang out during a weekday. Makes one feel like a taitai, although you know deep down you are not.

Such is life of a SAHM.

People who don’t know any better, see you as a taitai, or an idle person. I have older relatives who call me everytime and asks if I am sleeping. Even my own mother keep asking me, “你休息到几时?” (“When are you resting until”). It irritates me to the max initially. But I just don’t care. I don’t think I need to answer to them. I only have my hubby and son to answer to.