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This is a recent bedtime conversation with Hubby.

Hubs: So what is Thursday going to be like?
Me : HH (little man) will sleep over at my Mum’s place on Wednesday night. Thursday after my event, I will go over to her place and pick him up.

Hubs: Ok.
Me : You want him back for Thursday night right?

Hubs: Yup.
Me : I will rush there to pick him up, only because you wanted him back.

Hubs: ……
Me : If you put yourself in my shoes, you will know how rush it is for me. I was actually hoping to bring him back only on Friday, so that I can have some time by myself to shop or ask the massage lady over. I really need some massage. I feel so tired. You get to have some time during lunch to roam around, but I have to bring him everywhere I go. Not that I don’t enjoy spending time with him, but it is so tiring for me, I just needed a break you know.

Hubs: ……
Me : HM was telling me how her hubby enjoys spending time alone with her. But I think you only want your son…. (and I blabbered and blabbered and blabbered)

I love little man more than I love myself. Such love is amazing, overwhelming and indescribeable. But sometimes even the greatest love needs a little break.

You know, Stay-At-Home-Mum can burn out too.

Couple time

Little man went over to my Mom’s over the weekend for a stayover. It gives us some time together, just me and Hubby.

This rare occurence of couple time makes me realised one thing: We Need Such Time More Often.

Not because we enjoyed it very much. On the contrary, we have been quarrelling on the slightest thing when little man is not around. Very ironic as we hardly do that with little man filling up every moment of our time.

I realised that Hubby has forgotten how to “treat me like a lover” like he used to when we were without kids. He has gotten used to treating me as his child’s mother. He has been taking ME for granted. ME, as his lover, not as his wife and mother of his child.

To me, it makes a big difference. I need to be treated as a woman, as a lover when we are having couple time, not a SAHM.

We need more of such time, and we can do this better the next time round.

Unconditional love

Am going through a rough patch right now. Well, to be precise, an itchy patch.

Developed eczema around my hands due to the use of essential oils. Few days later, an unknown and very itchy rash came all across my body. Will talk about it more after I see the skin doctor tomorrow morning and confirm its cause. Today, I want to talk about my Hubby.

I have a wonderful Hubby. He is a great strength of support, a good lover and the bestest friend I can ever have in this world.

I have so many minor but irritating health issues like eczema and acid reflux, have to spent so much on seeing specialists and doctors. When I was pregnant, I was hospitalised twice before the actual delivery due to unforeseen circumstances. Two weeks after my delivery, I was hospitalised again due to some unknown bacteria infection.

Throughout all these while, never once did Hubby complain that I was very troublesome, or mentioned about me spending too much money on seeing doctors. He has always been supportive whenever I tell him my plans to “solve my health issues”. I really feel very touched and grateful.

I was from the kind of family where parents don’t encourage us to see doctors. They think it’s a waste of money. They don’t think anything is so serious to warrant the need to see the doctor. I only started to see doctors whenever I am sick after I started working and pay for my own medical fees.

I remembered vividly that time when my acid reflux was at its worst. I couldn’t breathe and feel pain every breath taken in. I thought I was going to die. Nobody think it is serious enough to see the doctor. I had to beg my parents who were working to come back to take me to the doctor. Ever since, if I feel so bad that I can’t manage to the doctor myself, I will let Hubby know. He will rush to my then Ang Mo Kio house and bring me to the doctor.

Having said that, I guess it doesn’t mean my parents don’t care about us. It’s just that money has a greater importance to them. This sort of affected my perception towards money and wealth. Sure, we all love money, who doesn’t? But there are more important things than money in life. And if you are so blinded by money, you lost those other important things that you will never get them back as time passes you by.

Anyway, this time the rash issue is bothering so much I can’t sleep at night. Told Hubby I wanted to go to National Skin Centre to figure out what exactly is this rash. He supported me with no hesitation. No questions asked. He even took leave so that he can come with me and take care of little man while I see the doctor.

What can I say? I think Hubby is one of the bestest thing that ever happen to me. And I love him for all that he is willing to sacrifice for me.

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