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Singapore Kite Festival 2014

Have been wanting to bring little man to the Singapore Kite Festival for the longest time ever since he knows the term “kite”. We missed the last one due to his vaccination, hence we were glad that we are able to make it for the festival this time round.

The Kite Festival was organised by NTUC Income and ACT 3 International and held at The Promontory@Marina Bay. If I am not wrong, the past festivals were held at Marina Barrage. Although I have never been to the festivals held at Marina Barrage, I would think that holding the event at Marina Barrage is a better choice than The Promontory as there were not sufficient space for the public to fly their own kites as there are too many flags and trees around. Despite having our little kite, we could not find a good place to fly it. In the end, we just strolled along The Promontory.

The goodie bag.

Little man’s very first kite.

Truth to be told, I was a little disappointed by the scale of it. Hope that we will be able to attend a larger scale kite festival in the future, and fly our own kite together with many others.

Aftermath of zoo visiting

Brought little man to the zoo on Sunday.

Was thinking of taking some good photos and posting here as sis once commented that my blog is too wordy. She thinks that little man’s cuteness is one of the highlight of this blog (I believe she thought of Xiaxue‘s little Dash Dash when she said that). I myself is a little apprehensive about posting his photos on a public blog. Let me just take it slow and see how far I am willing to go.

Anyway, very little photos were taken. Little man is either too fast for us, or kept shunning the camera. Hubby was proudly declaring little man to have his genes in that aspect. Hubby used to tell me when we were dating that he sees himself as the character 赌神 (as played by Chow Yun Fat) who disllike taking photos, and only ever has his backview photo taken (as seen below).

dushen bei ying


Hm… I certainly hope little man will be less like him in this aspect and learn to pose for us in future photos.

Visiting the zoo is a very tiring event. For me, the Mama, the real event starts the night before, when I start to pack for the trip after little man has gone to bed. I packed until 1am before I rest for the night. Don’t ask me why I took so long, I have no idea as well. Anyway, I didn’t sleep very well that night. It felt like I was going back to Primary school when I was unable to sleep because I was too excited for the zoo trip. Yes, I was excited. This is little man’s first zoo trip. I really hope he enjoyed it. I think he did, but half the time, he is more interested in the birds around the animals rather than the animals themselves. Face-palm. Nevertheless, Hubby and I decided that we will go back again, maybe in a few months time.

Right now, the 3 of us all need time to recuperate before we embark on another trip like this again 😉

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